31 Days of Autumn


31 Days of Autumn

31 Days of Autumn is about my spiritual journey through the fall and how through the Lord I can rise up and enjoy each day. Walk with me as we see God’s beauty inside and out, walk through painful losses and how the Lord has changed me through and through.

31 days of autumn

Day 1 -31 Days of Autumn
Day 2 -Learning My Calling
Day 3 -It Wasn’t Something I Could Wake Up From
Day 4 -Embracing Life and Capturing Moments
Day 5 -A Crisp Fall Morning at Home
Day 6 -All Things are Possible With God
Day 7 -Lock Downs, Guns, School and Faith
Day 8 -The Light Flickered but Wouldn’t Ignite
Day 9 -Trust
Day 10 -Random Ramblings
Day 11 & 12 -Storms and Rest and Thanksgiving being ThanksLIVING
Day 13 -Time Stood Still -Patience
Day 14 -God In and Evil Out –Finding Redemption
Day 15 -One Degree Above Freezing
Day 16 -Say What? Green… Yup, Green!
Day 17 -Just Another Friday
Day 18 -Planting Seeds
Day 19
Day 20 -October 20th 2012 -How Far I’ve Come
Day 21 -Prayer
Day 22 -13 Months and Never Going Back
Day 23 -Pause and Reflect
Day 24 -Openly “Christian”
Day 25 -Unwritten
Day 26 -I Will Wait Until He Whispers My Name
Day 27 -Perhaps…
Day 28 -Let’s Stop Hoping
Day 29 -If the Oceans Die, We die!
Day 30 -Bacon!!!
Day 31

Here are some of the prompts I hope to use as I walk through this new season!

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