Dec 172015

It seemed like most people in the #FMFParty tonight were either struggling with exhaustion, having a busy week, or being sick. Not the most enthusiastic of our chats but the love and prayers were still there. Then the prompt comes and the prompt is “choose your own prompt” which literally made me laugh out loud because it was like we were all at a mandatory party we didn’t want to be at so we could write on this epic prompt only to be told to think for ourselves. But KATE I wanted you to think for me today!! Didn’t you see that I am exhausted from being busy and sick!?!?

The weeks of December have literally flown by and now we are counting down the days until Christmas. I haven’t been particularly busy but the chaos seems to make me feel busier than I am… the visual chaos that is. Walking into any store, even the plain old grocery store, is sensory overload with all the sales and different seasonal snacks and when you are broke all you see are dollar signs and when you are like me and broke and wanting to be more of a minimalist this year all of that screams MESS in your face and causes you to want to retreat to your own house.

The few gift’s I have bought I picked up earlier on and technically I am ready, but they aren’t wrapped and while I know that will only take a few short minutes and it will be done with my brain is just making mountains out of molehills… More stuff to pull out means more stuff to put away and part of me wants to just shove the shopping bags under the tree and call it done but I don’t think that is fair to the kids… or to Jesus. We are after all celebrating HIS birthday and He is far more deserving of my effort even if I do feel rushed.

I think it’s been five minutes. Phew!

How are you all getting ready for the holidays and how are you dealing with your trials?

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  5 Responses to “But KATE!?!”

  1. Marisa, I was so WITH you when I saw the prompt. I laughed. Somehow I knew, I JUST knew we were going to have to pick our own. 🙂

    I love how you shared that, even though your preference would be to just shove the gifts under the tree as is, you were thinking of how you can honor Jesus. Oh that I can have that mindset during this season . . . and every day of the year.

    Most of my “big” stuff for the holidays is done. Presents are bought (need to check my list once more), most of my Christmas letters are mailed or ready to mail, house is decorated. I need to wrap the gifts. And I’m still trying to prepare my heart from a wearying few weeks. I’m determined not to arrive at Christmas day exhausted and too weary to celebrate Jesus. We’ll see how I do.

    I’ll say a prayer for you and your own season of weary.

  2. What I used to do was toss the shopping bags in the corner, and set up the tree over them.More or less.

    It’s easier now. No one’s expecting a gift, or a call, or a visit. My in-laws don’t really need to hear my voice when they talk with barbara ion Christmas Eve.

    It’s cool. Good cigar, good book, good to go.

    #4 at FMF this week.

  3. I laughed a little too. We all wait with bated breath and then…. Poor Kate was sick too. Hope everyone gets to feeling better real soon. I’m parked in the #15 spot this week.

  4. Ha! When I saw “choose your own word” I couldn’t do it…refused to do it… until today (after sleeping in)

  5. I was stumped too for a minute on the choose your own prompt!! LOL So hated to hear how many folks were sick or just not feeling it Thursday night. Grateful for a place where we can all receive some encouragement.

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