Jan 072016

We have a lot of firsts in life and we don’t even realize it until we are thinking back. It’s amazing how our memories work, especially once you’re a mama. A ton of firsts that bring you so much joy and worry. The kids went back to school this week and my daughter has been falling asleep after getting home. I have been doing her hair while she is half conscious and her not remembering in the morning. It cracks me up and even though she is 13 this is a first for her. I suppose she partied too hard on her break and by party I mean she stayed up way too late chatting (I have no clue where she may have got that from).

She does a lot of the cooking now which is nice and we get to spend more time together in the kitchen. It reminds me of when she was a toddler standing on a chair to help me, only now I am often sitting in a chair while she does her thing and we talk. First boyfriends, first breakups, first real love for music, a ton of firsts this year and it in a lot of ways breaks my heart that she is maturing so quickly before my eyes. She will be traveling to Toronto for her school trip just before her 14th birthday and I am thinking to myself “does she even know how to cross the road and look without me reminding her?”

I am definitely NOT a helicopter mom but we live on 90 acres and she doesn’t do a whole lot of road crossing, she has never even been to a city so the Toronto thing has me anxious even though I went on the same trip at the same age. Somehow I was more mature than she is back then, right?

I suppose in the next week I will have to go out for the first time since December 23rd and pick up some groceries because we are seriously running low on everything. Tonight was a choice of boxed mac and cheese and soup, naturally we went for the mac and cheese, while my son had a sandwich that he announced did not have enough lettuce and then proceeded to add about two inches of the leafy green. Cracks me up to see him all over vegetables when it was like a minute ago that I was bribing him to eat.

A ton of firsts on this mama’s heart as we enter the new year and I am excited to experience even more! I think we forget once our child learns to talk and walk and eat that there are a billion firsts yet to come. I am happily surprised every day, though, I must admit, I would prefer if they slowed down on the aging thing!

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  6 Responses to “A Ton of Firsts”

  1. They grow up way too fast!! Seems like yesterday I was having my son who turned 7 Dec 22nd and now I am a mom to a seven and four year old wow!!

  2. Oh Marisa! My daughter is only two but already I feel like she’s growing up too fast! Just today she pulled up her chair next to the counter while I was chopping up vegetables for a salad, and she had her plastic vegetables set, chopping away with me. I can’t even imagine what it will be like to reverse rolls, but I know it’s coming all too soon. Thanks for this reminder to savor each day! 🙂

  3. Love reading about your kids. They do grow up fast. I’m sure you’re a great mom, but still hard to let them fly.

  4. Oh, yes, we have a million first with our children and I’m so glad you can cherish each of them!

  5. I love this, Marisa…and I am living proof that not all kids grow up too fast.

    Or at all.

    #5 at FMF.


  6. I know I’m sentimental but I really liked this post!!! #31 at the party!

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