Nov 192014

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I am excited about Advent coming this year. Normally, I am not excited or even nice about the holidays at all. You see, when I was young I had a friend die on December 23rd and that soured the month for me. It stole the reason for the season right out from under me and I fell hard. I lost the joy that I had for Christmas and for years I didn’t even know why. I spent most of my holiday months after that, up until the past year, miserable and extremely depressed. I hid myself away and didn’t want anything to do with the holidays, especially gifts. I still don’t like getting gifts. Surprises around the holidays for me are just traumatic and I wonder if I will ever get over that.

But this year? This year I am excited for Advent and for celebrating the Christ-Child’s coming in my own way with my people. The people who I blog with and who love God the way I do because those people? They help me find the healing through the Lord that I had lost all those years ago. So I am going to hold tight to my Bible, my Advent devotionals like The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp, my Advent calendar from DaySpring and all those warm hugs that I get from across the globe through the people like you who are reading this.

I haven’t decided yet if I will go to the big family dinner for Christmas this year, I am thinking not. I have changed so much that I don’t relate to them aside from the blood we share. I want to have a quiet Christmas, with God and my children and the people I love the most.

I am not sure if this is really encouraging the way the linkup suggests but for me this year I have had success and it is thanks to God and only God. The people God has placed in my life over the past year are absolutely amazing. So I am excited for Advent and Christmas this year. Excited.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart about this, which I know is not an easy thing to do. I pray you well have a special time of closeness and joy in the Lord and with your family.

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