Aug 172014

Many of us are aware of the Esther generation that Ann Voskamp is very much involved in. I have posted her video before of her and another lady speaking about being the Esther Generation and I am so excited about this movement.

Though, what doesn’t excite me is that we are one of the first generations to truly live a Jezebel life. Premarital sex, multiple partners, experimenting with drugs, alcohol and who knows what else.

The divorce rate is among the highest it has ever been and for many, church is a political game full of elected deacons and officials, a money making place where your tithe goes to unknown places for unknown things. For this reason alone, many of us have decided to tithe in a way that we know is going towards a God inspired source rather than an already rich church.

Blog after blog has a link for donations towards kitchens, community centers, clean water, putting an end to Bible poverty. These are the things us women who strive to be a part of the Esther Generation support, they are the things that express what our hearts bleed and our prayers are for.

So, how do we step out of Jezebels shoes?

Repent, allow yourself to be redeemed through Christ Jesus. Learn His Word and keep it fresh on your lips. If it feels morally wrong then it likely is. Study the virtues of a good Biblical woman, or all of the good women in the Bible and see where it takes you. See where your life changes. Where your heart feels most at home in His name. Follow the path of righteousness and most of all KNOW that God is a giver of grace, a LOT of grace. So, no matter how many times you muck up, how many times you stray, God is watching you, wanting you, waiting for you. All of you and your amazing goodness that He created you to be.

Yes you!

You are absolutely amazing and God has no fear in pulling you near again and again and again, as many time as it needs to happen it will because, after all, you are His child.

A child that was created by Him in His image. Stop trying to aim to be the perfect person with the perfect house and the perfect hob and start living your life for God. Making yourself happy and most of all, pleasing Him.

We know what happened to Jezebel because of her refusal to repent and change her ways. So lets not make the same mistake she did. Instead, lets continue to face our God, repent our sins, ask His forgiveness and focus on changing ourselves in a manner that pleases Him.

End the Jezebel Generation and enter the Esther Generation!

Read about Jezebel and what is thought to be true outside of the Bible about her.

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