May 152014

This week Lisa Jo Baker has taken a break and therefore left us FMF girls with no prompt. A well deserved break at that! Kate Motaung thought it would be fun to write anyway and I offered to set up the linky so here we go writing on the prompt “Break”




Sometimes I break down and feel like the weight of the world is on me and crushing into me so deeply and then I think about Jesus on the cross when the sins of the world all hit Him at once and He cried out to His Father, OUR FATHER, “Why have you forsaken me?”

It is so easy to cry those words and to feel abandoned and at that breaking point. The fact that our Saviour was at that point even for just a moment is proof that man, all of man, has a point where their faith may dwindle or they question the path they are on.


Jesus realized that He was saving us, He was sacrificing for us. He was feeling our pains and sins and everything that ever hurt and He took it from us so WE DO NOT HAVE TO BREAK!

We can take a break. We can feel like we have broken. We may carry scars, but so does Jesus in His hands, feet, side and even His head where that thorny crown was placed and instead of being a victim and forgotten, Jesus became the greatest man alive!

This week while friends are taking much needed and much deserved breaks from the computer or from whatever else is going on in their lives pray for them, pray for yourself. Pray for the strength to be God’s child and for the realization that even when the darkest of dark covers us like a shroud, He has NOT forsaken us. He is the light, the way, the truth and He is always right there, never again taking a break!


Now it’s your turn to write on the word Break

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  15 Responses to “Lisa Jo Takes a Break – Prompt Break!”

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  2. Thanks so much for hosting this week! And a wonderful reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for us. His body, broken for us. Blessings to you.

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  4. I loved how you took us to the cross to find a place of rest. Thank you for hosting this week!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting! I always enjoy participating!

    • No problem! I love helping wherever I can and I know that FMF is an awesome outlet for so many of us. Lisa Jo has spent so much time blessing us with her thoughts each week that it was easy to offer to set the linky for those of us who wanted to participate anyway! Her break became our prompt and a blessing to each of us! I love how God ties everything together like that!

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  9. Thank you for hosting this week and for sharing this post. I’ve never thought about how Jesus’ brokenness contributed to His greatness. I’m going to have to ponder that!

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  12. I was supposed to be having a break this weekend. Some time out from caring, cooking and so much more. But it all went crazy and as I sat down last night all I could think to do was to ask why, why God. I felt exhausted, frustrated and cross all in one.

    I just wanted some peace, I’m not sure why this weekend happened but I know it wasn’t because I am not loved. Something I needed reminding off.

    • (((hugs))) You are more than definitely loved and you are needed, which is a BIG job that wears us down and eats at us and can pull us away from God if we aren’t ultra careful, but the good news is that we all fall away sometimes and He waits, KNOWING that we will come back to Him and His ego isn’t hurt and He loves us just the same! I pray that this week you find the peace you so desperately need so you can enter next weekend feeling revived and refreshed. Stay strong in your faith and know that His timing isn’t the same as ours. I wish I could sit with a cup of tea and share some chocolate with you and listen to you express all that is going on Sara, if you need a listening ear you are welcome to email me anytime or you can chat with me on yahoo. My username is meanddoxie

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