Oct 042016

I couldn’t decide today if I wanted coffee or tea. I ended up making myself an iced soy pumpkin spice coffee AND hot blueberry tea. I love the sound of a coffee pot gurgling and spurting out the last few drops into the pot or how the ice cubes pop and break as they are placed into the heated brew.

I also love how I can add in real pumpkin spice and get all the flavor without the sugar or the high price tag that my local coffee shop has. My tea is warm and soothing, the smell of blueberry flooding the air and the antioxidant values of blueberry and green tea combined.

I am definitely an all-day coffee and tea drinker. I am also a person who can go days or even weeks without drinking anything caffeinated before deciding I would like a cup.

I am sure some have written about the storms that are brewing, the hurricanes hitting and killing and the prayers they are saying. October hasn’t been easy for a lot of towns or their people, but just as fast as God allows a storm to brew He can reach down and stop it from causing more devastation.

When faced with chaos and the unknown brewing among us, the fresh brewed coffees, teas and hot cocoa for the little ones helps us to create a community and warm our souls before they are able darken.

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