Mar 082016

If you know me in real life you know that I try to dress modestly and I prefer to wear skirts or dresses so when I got my affiliate email showing me some of the sales going on at Jane I just had to share because most of these fit my personal standards for modesty.

This tank/tee for example has a nice high neck and is loose fitting, no bra strap to worry about hiding and perfect for bending over as the neckline won’t gape and expose you! That’s what I call an awesome shirt! Plus, it’s on sale! Would be perfect alone or under a cardigan as a layering piece. Also looks comfy enough to be a pj top if you love to sleep in a tank!

Was $26.99 – Now $13.99 – Heathered Boyfriend Tank, S-XL

Again, this top also hits on the modesty for me. It has a high neck and covers the chest while remaining very fashion forward, It has a longer-short sleeve to cover those upper arms that many of us ladies don’t care to show and it comes down long enough that you can easily reach up and not have to worry about it showing off your bare stomach! Fresh, fun and classic all in one!

Was $40.00 – Now $19.99 – Perfect Polka Dot Tee!

These are listed as perfect for bridesmaids and they really are a nice dress. They appear to cover the thigh and chances are these models are like 7 feet tall so they would likely come down to the knee or farther on the average or petite woman. They have a higher neckline that safely allows for bending and reaching without being exposed and that mid length short sleeve to cover up the arms without getting in the way! Great for a night out with friends, the Mr or a formal event.

Was $44.99 – Now $29.99 – Lace Dresses | Perfect for Bridesmaids!

I love how the neckline on these also goes higher up and doesn’t exposed the bust, I am not too sure about the side but I think with a good layering shell these would be a fun pop of color to the wardrobe. Again, they are long enough to either be tucked in and will allow for reaching up to worship or clean without having to worry about exposing your tummy. Plus, they appear super comfortable.

Was $42.99 – Now $21.99 – Embroidered Tank

Kids! Yes Jane has kids things and look at how cute these little fellows look! Perfect clothes for a day at home playing with siblings or friends, or dress them up with those sweet button up shirts that are perfect for church! Great prices that mean when boys are boys and get covered in muck you won’t be TOO upset about them messing up their good clothes! I am really loving the look of the unbuttoned shirt over the colorful tee especially for this time of year where its too hot to be cold and too cool to be hot!

Was $24.00 – Now $14.50 – Personalized Boy Athletic Name Tee’s & Onesies! 3 Colors!

Sep 232015

I have been following along the last three days with the study of Women of the Old Testament hosted over at IF Equip. So far we have been working through Genesis 1-4 and I have learned a lot about Eve that I had never considered before because she does have such a brief mention in the Biblical texts and aside from her being part of original sin, very little else has been said. Women simply weren’t big characters to write about in the Bible, even though they were huge characters to life, then and now.

Eve was a lot of things, she is the Mother of ALL the Living.
She is the very first woman created by God.
She was taken from man and created from his flesh and bone.
She was created to be a helper.

The Hebrew word for “help” as used in the KJV is `ezer which means “one who helps, support.”

God is the creator of all. He blessed Eve with Seth even though she had sinned and her son, Cain, killed his brother, Abel. This tells me that at some point between Eve eating the forbidden fruit and her bearing children, that she and God had some sort of reconciliation. Yes, He did say “in pain you shall bring forth children“, but He continued to bless her despite the sins of her family. He gave her another chance to raise a son after Abel was killed. As a mother I know you can’t simply replace a child, but I think it is fair to assume that Eve and God were on good terms.

It isn’t easy to be a mom. It is actually hard. But isn’t that what God had told Eve it would be like right there in the Garden of Eden before He removed them? Pregnancy is painful, hard on the body, and for many is difficult to even achieve. Then, birthing a child is something that simply can’t be explained. It is a miracle, and that is truly the only description you will get because within moments of the birth the pain is forgotten and love overflows and we are reminded that the work is only just beginning as our minds shelter us from the trauma our bodies just experienced.

I think it is important to note that when Adam and Eve ate from that tree they had been tempted by the lies of the serpent. Lies were already in existence in an otherwise perfect world where Adam, Eve and God worked in perfect harmony. No matter where you are, whether it is on the streets in the middle of a bad neighbourhood at night or in a Church on Sunday morning you will be exposed to lies and our relationship with God, our understanding of the Truth that is the Word of God is the only protection we have in being obedient to Him and in crushing that serpent down into the dust from which it came.

For me being a helper means that I encourage my family, and my friends in their walk with God. I trust that many hands make for light work and that there are a billion ways I can help, from prayer to standing in the mission field. If I am obedient to my calling I am being a helper, just as Eve was to Adam and to God.

One of the questions asked yesterday was “What does it look like to live at peace with God?” Simply put, I don’t think any of us can truly answer that because we are always being tempted by sin. I imagine it is a beautiful and loving feeling that we will experience when we get to Heaven, where pain and suffering no longer exists and we become helpers of His Holy Realm. We have all been given the opportunity to reach Heaven through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the cross.

The blood, sweat, pain and anguish up there on the crossed beams of a tree came so that my sins could be wiped away, my slate clean and fresh and new each day. I need not worry because I have Christ Jesus who has already saved me!

Finally, my last thought for today is that Satan is everywhere, but so is God. Satan lied to Eve and changed her perception. He never told her that God had lied, he spun a tale to suit his own selfish purpose causing her human side to stumble and fall into sin. Being cognizant of the world around me and the lies I am being told each day is extremely important to my life now and eternally. God’s Word can be (and is) altered easily by the one who wants to bring us down and yes, Satan is fluent in scripture and can play fast and hard if we let our guard down.

Jul 132015

I have been watching a marathon of a show called “Botched“. Basically, it is people who want or need cosmetic surgery after having a bad previous experience or some type of actual need.

It makes me sad.

Sad that so many people in the United States get plastic surgery electively each year.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) today released its complete 17th annual multi-specialty statistical data indicating a 12% overall increase in cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2013. More than 11 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and otolaryngologists in the United States, totaling more than 12 billion dollars for the first time since the Great Recession began in 2008. Of that total, more than 7 billion was spent on surgical procedures and more than 5 billion was spent on nonsurgical procedures.

This year, liposuction replaced breast augmentation as the most frequently performed surgical procedure with a 16% increase and more than one billion was spent on the procedure nationwide.

 The top five surgical procedures were:
Liposuction (363,912 procedures, up 16.3%)
Breast augmentation (313,327 procedures, down 5.2%)
Eyelid surgery (161,389 procedures, up 5.4%)
Tummy tuck (160,077 procedures, up 2.3%)
Nose surgery (147,966 procedures, up 2.9%

I find these numbers heartbreaking. To be so upset by your looks that you need to spend that kind of money and risk your life with surgery and toxins etc is simply sad. I realize that some surgeries are necessary, we see burn victims who need reconstructive surgery, we have seen people who have had broken noses who need to have a nose surgery so that they can breathe properly. Even getting a tummy tuck can be a necessary surgery if you have lost a lot of weight and have an apron of skin preventing you from living your life to the fullest, or a breast reduction because of back pain and strain.

I am not saying that these surgeries are never needed, I am saying that it is sad that so many people choose to change the beauty that God naturally has given them when there is no medical reason to do it.

Yet right here, in our own countries and continent we could put that money to good use, money to plant food, create jobs, help those with medical care, help people become educated and the list goes on. The poverty in the US is staggering considering it is supposed to be the best country in the world. (I think Canada is but I am a bit biased!)

Hunger persists in the U.S: {Source}

38.2 million people—including 14 million children—live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger. This represents more than one in ten households in the United States (11.9 percent). This is an increase of 1.9 million, from 36.3, million in 2003.

3.9 percent of U.S. households experience hunger. Some people in these households frequently skip meals or eat too little, sometimes going without food for a whole day. 10.7 million people, including 3 million children, live in these homes.

8.0 percent of U.S. households are at risk of hunger. Members of these households have lower quality diets or must resort to seeking emergency food because they cannot always afford the food they need. 27.5 million people, including 10.6 million children, live in these homes.

Research shows that preschool and school-aged children who experience severe hunger have higher levels of chronic illness, anxiety and depression, and behavior problems than children with no hunger.

So, what if we stop changing our appearance and instead start feeding the skin-and-bones child who can’t find a crumb to eat or get the mother who has been left with children an education. Why don’t we take care of our veterans, the children who are just another file in an underfunded child protection agency. Why don’t we use that money that we spend on being vain to change the people in our communities, our towns, states/provinces and countries. Why not buy the man on the corner a sandwich instead of buying ourselves a 30 dollar lip gloss or donate to kids sports for families who can’t afford it to get the kids off the couch and into the community?

Every day we each make a choice about what is necessary in our lives and what isn’t. How about we aim for a less is more life and live simply so that others can simply live?

Jun 152015

We had some pretty intense smoke in the air last week. Leaving some pretty awesome sunsets and making it hard to breathe. My head was clogged and all I could think about was how the people who were close to the fires must’ve felt, how could they breathe? It reminded me how small our world really is, a fire some 10-12 hours away could make me sick, that puts things into perspective, those people truly are my neighbours.

If the smoke can cover a few provinces and choke out my breath then surely the spirit of God can encompass the globe and choke out Satan’s flames, breathing the breath of life into every. single. persons soul. The breath of the healer, the redeemer. The Alpha and Omega. The one who knows it all and always has. Who knew that smoke would lead to this blog post before the human race had ever heard about a blog, or even the written word. He knew. He was there and always has been.

All things are possible with God
~Mark 10:27~

Jun 012015

The weather has been either cool as in frost or warm here the past week or so which means getting dressed each day has been difficult. Layers are my friend. I have also realized since purging more than half my wardrobe that I need a few things.

  • Tanks to wear under low dresses and t-shirts
  • Spring tops
  • Light weight cardigans
  • A couple more mid-length skirts

While that doesn’t sound like a lot, and I never purged any of these items, I am losing weight thanks to the help of Plexus products and I am between sizes, or I should say, I am different sizes depending on the fabric or brand.

Today I was able to wear a green top in a size large and a dark brown skirt in an XL. However, I tried on two dresses before that outfit, one in a L and one XL and neither fit me. I am confused about this “true to size” thing I hear about clothing all. the. time. Clearly there is no standard sizing and if I go buy a size chart I could be in a large or a 3x and I just tossed my 2x and 3x clothes because they were FALLING off. I don’t think anyone needs to see my bra strap and shoulder through the neck hole of a shirt, and I shouldn’t have to tie a skirt on and still worry about it falling off. So I am truly confused.

I have wanted a couple of pieces from the Deborah and Co online store for quite some time. They have a really cute mustard yellow shirt and a grey striped top paired together that I absolutely love but I have no clue if I need a L, XL or 2X as I have never tried their clothing before. I would also love a denim skirt from them, they are beautiful!

I did receive as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle a free Deborah and Co infinity scarf which I am in LOVE with!! It is sooo soft and feminine and has been helping to hide that chest of mine that is in need of some tanks.

I would love to know where y’all shop and which clothes you find to be forgiving as far as size goes. Being on an extremely tight budget, especially considering these are clothes I may not need in the future as I continue to lose weight, is making it even more difficult. So is living in Canada. Some inexpensive places make generic clothing designer prices once they factor in shipping!

May 112015

A couple of years ago I was cutting and dying my hair constantly. Well almost weekly. I knew how to do both myself so it was easy, and I was obviously never happy with how I looked or I wouldn’t have continued to change it up. Then one day, God spoke to me and basically said “I created you with the hair color you have and I don’t want you changing that”. I dyed my hair back to my natural color so the grow-out wouldn’t be an issue.

A few weeks later I heard God speak to me again, this time telling me to stop being vain and to let my hair grow. Let it be healthy the way he created me/it. With that I have stopped cutting and dying my hair and within the two years it has went from shoulder length, to the small of my back. It doesn’t really have a style but I am more than okay with that. I can wear it down or in a bun or ponytail and I have had a lot of fun with different long hair styles that are simple and don’t take time away from my family and best of all feeling guided by God.

Once my hair began to grow longer I no longer felt this need to wear low cut tops and it weighed on my heart pretty heavy to try and dress more modestly, placing scarves or layers to NOT show too much of my chest, wearing a LOT of skirts no shorter than my knees.

As a result of obeying God about my hair I was open to hearing Him speak about my clothing and how I was portraying myself as a woman and as a mother. I have prayed repentance for those times that I went to the kid’s schools with a shirt that would show a bra strap or dip too low.

The biggest lesson in all of this that I have learned so far is that I am actually MORE confident in being myself with my hair long and well-groomed with a simple and modest outfit on then I did when I was constantly changing my hair color and length and wearing clothing that would get me the wrong types of attention.

I always thought that when you like a part of your body you should show it off, but I have learned that the only one I should be aiming to please is God and that in making the conscious choice to be modest He will provide me with a husband who will respect me the way I now respect myself.

“Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.”
~1 Timothy 2:9-10~

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