Sep 032014

I can’t focus these days. AT ALL! My body is aching and doesn’t seem to be healing and I look around the house and I KNOW that this jumbled up mind of mine isn’t just from the pain killers, it’s from the stuff, haphazardly laying around.

I have seen several posts in the last few days about other people having this fog and needing to find this “Whitespace” or a completely cleaned out room so they can refocus, reorganize, beautify and once again feel as though they are in control. Perhaps that is exactly what I need.

Remove it all and decide what REALLY has value to me, what I REALLY want to put back. What I want to donate or sell or repurpose.

I need an overhaul, my life needs an overhaul and perhaps instead of going down to the paint store and deciding to paint the walls lime-green (yes I did consider this, eek) maybe instead I need to use what already exists. Wash the walls down so they feel new again, polish the furniture, put the laundry away?

I have to laugh or maybe cry when I look at some of the “messy” homes I see being posted and then them being “decluttered” I would LOVE to have their before.

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed
~2 Corinthians 9:8~

So, how do you decide what is of value to you and what isn’t? For example, I have a music box collection. One every year on my birthday from the day I was born, they mean something and are likely worth a lot, but I don’t NEED them. I don’t USE them. They merely wait to be dusted. How do I place a value on them? How does someone decide?

Books, I read them again and again and I have done the e-book thing, finding that not only is a book harder to get into, but you don’t actually own the book, only the rights to use the book and in many cases they can’t be transferred to a new device, OH and if you somehow manage to upset the terms of use, say Goodbye to your books! To me my books have value, many are first editions but more importantly they are well used and loved. For me, they are worth the precious real-estate!

Are you in a fall declutter mode? How are you going about it and how do you place value on things?

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  1. Hi, Marisa! I am a minimalist, but I like the homes of my friends who have many things, even though I don’t choose that style for myself. So, first is to decide who God made you to be, I think. You can enjoy lots of things as long as they don’t keep you from God and there can be people who have few things who have great barriers with respect to God. If you decide to de-clutter, what I have done in the past is taken a category of things, e.g. vases, and placed them in front of me. Then I sat, like in prayer, and let the spirit guide me as to which ones to keep. It was a surprise…not a rational experience (in the Western thought sense), but much more like waiting for the still, small voice.

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