Jul 012014

Linking up this week for the first time for Testimony Tuesday hosted by
Holly Barrett

Holly BarrettToday is Canada Day. We didn’t get to go out and enjoy any of the festivities like we normally would because the rain, this is day five of rain and while I definitely don’t think my garden minds it did cause a lot of things to be cancelled. So, instead of going to fireworks and all that stuff we stayed home and to be honest, we didn’t do a thing to celebrate.

The kids and I spent the evening watching TV together and enjoying cool snacks and chocolate cheesecake (YUM!)




While my son laughed out of control and what I would have been upset with not that long ago for being “annoying” or “hyper” I was able to laugh with him. You see, I started to co-lead a group called Raising Warriors – Moms of Boys through incourage.me and this is the final week and in the past six weeks I have been studying more, learning that my boy is NORMAL and that the least of my issues is him laughing!

I have prayed daily over both of my children from the resources provided by the Hello Mornings group and I have been spending more time writing and reading uplifting and encouraging things.


Frankly, it’s just a LOT of work to be frustrated, angry, mad, yelling and expecting a child to settle down ALL THE TIME. So I decided that when Jesus says “Let the children come to me” {Luke 18:16} that He was likely onto something, after all, that wouldn’t have made it into the Bible if it wasn’t something I should know, right? So, in taking Jesus approach to allowing my kids to be kids I am finding that I am less stressed and more content. Sure the house is loud, but it’s mostly filled with laughter and uncontrollable giggles rather than fighting or arguing about being obedient.

I think over the last six weeks or so I really have been blessed in sooooo many incredible ways by co-leading Raising Warriors and I am excited to continue to fellowship with other women from all walks of life because I know that I am really finding joy through God, through community.

For the first time in my entire life I am realizing WHY community is so important. While my community is online every person is real (or an amazing robot) and I am growing in Christ as a result!


So go out, join those groups, hop into the linkups and find YOUR community! God is awesome like that, putting people in your path who are meant to be there! Live in faith and He will live in you!


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  4 Responses to “Community -Testimony Tuesday”

  1. You found me out! <–amazing robot, fooling captchas left and right.

    But really, isn't community awesome? Glad you're on the Testimony Tuesday community today!

    • LOL my Dad thinks that everyone I talk to online has to either be a robot or a fraud, but he leans towards robots. It’s pretty funny, and as far as the captchas go? He says robots made them so of course they can be beaten! hahaha! and yeah I saw you had linked up so I figured I would stalk you and head on over to see what it was about 😀

  2. So happy to hear how your (in)courage group has encouraged you and helped you to have a better relationship with your boy! Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Thank you so much for telling us your story at Testimony Tuesday!

    • Thanks for hopping over Holly! It really is amazing how much I have changed and how much that has allowed peace to wrap itself over our home. Sure there have still been some battles but not like before. The only ones I can actually note over the last few weeks were actually in the car where my ADHD son and my non ADHD daughter would start to bicker because my son was being too loud or making repetitive noises and I have to be honest and say I did get angry a few times, mainly because siren sounds while you are driving should only come from actual emergency vehicles and not an ipod in your backseat! That said, once I was done with being angry I was able to apologize and then explain the safety issues with that sort of behaviour. Much better 🙂 God is so awesome!

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