May 162014

Cricut Explore – DIY

Cricut for home and business – I LOVE mine and now you can enjoy Cricut too with awesome deals!


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Jumpstart Your Cutout Art at Cricut

How many times have you had the perfect design idea for a card, pattern, sticker, whatever, only to get discouraged by what it would take to make it real? Cricut is a new company that can take your ideas from design to production in just a few clicks!

What is Cricut?

The Cricut Explore™ is a design-and-cut system for making amazing, affordable DIY craft projects. It’s the easiest way to turn an idea into a finished project right in your own home. It can cut a wide variety of materials — everything from paper to vinyl to fabric — from designs that you purchase or create yourself.

Cricut also provides free projects to get you started, as well as free images of the week to inspire your own new projects. The Cricut Explore™ comes with Cricut Design Space™, free online software that helps you to cut and draw your creations. Get free shipping with code: FREESHIP35

Am I Limited?

You can buy additional software with THOUSANDS of ideas to suit every possible season and need, never creating the same project twice if you don’t want to! Truly making each item one of a kind and personalized! Imagine how much you can save creating your own professional quality wedding invites for a pennies or having the card that says and shows EXACTLY what you want without having to settle? Create seasonal decor and crafts as well. My son has created houses to display at Christmas, they look great and all of his work cost less than one ornament from the box store would have!

**as with many of my posts this contains affiliate links. I do however own and love my Cricut machines and software. I have two including the original Cricut and a newer one as well as one that prints on fondant and helps with cake decorating**

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