Oct 242014

I was never one for dare’s, though I have done some risky and very dangerous things in my life. I guess when you have a sense of immortality it becomes easy to forget your mortal side and you end up doing the down-right scary just for the thrill of it.

The dare that made me the most antsy was the #joydare put forth by Ann Voskamp.

Daring me to write Every. Single. Day. three things that I am grateful for, the end result? 1000 things to be grateful for over the course of a year.

I pulled out a notebook and a pen and began to write in January. I felt “behind” already because it was January 5th 2014 and I figured I couldn’t possibly catch up. Then, this crazy insane thing happened. I started to see things in the raw beautiful form that they are. Dust in the air as the suns rays penetrated no longer reminded me that the house needed cleaned, it amazed me how the dust could dance in the sun like that and I remembered back when I was about 3 years old. The house we lived in had windows with awesome morning sun and I remember waking up early with my dad on weekends and as the warm sun shone through the dust there would dance to, back then I tried to catch it, like it was magical.

God’s “magic” is in everything and it only saddens me that it took me this long to realize that something as simple as a joydare could change my perspective, my perception, my life.

Come May I had already hit 1000 gifts. Its nearing November now and I am still listing things in that same notebook. I am still counting those sweet blessings because that dust isn’t something to clean up, it is the magic of God’s hope, grace, and promise that eternity will be all the more beautiful.


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