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Honestly? I have no clue what my topic is for this challenge. I am hoping it will be inspiring, but in reality it is going to be a journal/diary of my days and of what is going on in life. Nothing fancy here, just me in the raw-only every day for 31 days!

Today is day 1 of the challenge and I was planning to post some photos of fall. Maybe I will insert some of the blood moon that we had this past week.acts

almost complete

I have had a few unexpected things happen already this fall and fall has only begun. First, we have mice in the house. I am apparently allergic to mice. I know right!? Like seriously, who knows that they have mice before they see them because they start breaking out and their eyes are burning other than me? Okay, my brother, he has the same reaction. Are we weird? I am thinking yes!

On the 24th of September my great uncle Fred passed away. He wasn’t THAT old at only 78, the memorial service was on Monday and was really intimate and sweet. Though, it was hard on me as my grandpa, his brother, passed away two years ago on September 26th. It was definitely a déjà vu moment to be sitting at a funeral in the same weather on the same dates only two years apart. My heart was broken again, and it broke a little extra knowing what my uncles children and grandchildren were feeling. Praise the Lord that his grandchildren and his children were able to all make it in as everyone lives in a different part of the country.

One thing that sucks though? Having family reunions only when someone dies. I think we need to purpose to get together more often, you know, before a funeral calls us all home. It is hard with such a large family, but we are all getting older and the funerals are coming closer together. Funerals, shouldn’t be normal either, yet they are, at least for me.

I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless lives until the day of Christ’s return.
~Philippians 1:9-10~

OOOH I am excited about the (In)courage book selection for the book club coming up!! It is Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman. She rocks, the book rocks and I actually have a copy because I was part of the launch team! Normally, I can’t afford to buy a book and join in on the fun so this is extra exciting for me to get to do. I believe I have only been able to participate in one study with (in)courage before and one with P31 Ministry’s!

Well my friends, I would love for you to leave a comment below, my blog uses the app CommentLuv and that means that if you have a blog too you will be able to put in your blog address when commenting which will leave me and all the other readers a link to your most recent post!! Awesome right? If you subscribe to my blog you can even select a specific post to link to instead of it going to your most recent! I love this plugin/app through WordPress and I really hope you take advantage of it here! I love to read your blogs but it is seriously hard to keep track of everyone!

Let’s chat some more tomorrow!

My review of Simply Tuesday!

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  8 Responses to “31 Days of Autumn”

  1. I cannot tell you how many funerals I went to growing up. I spent a crazy amount of time sitting in a funeral home it seems. Did anybody else’s family keep a body lying in state for a couple of days before a funeral? The whole time the deceased was on display and somebody stayed at the funeral home pretty much around the clock. I remember there was always a ton of food in the kitchen of the funeral home and friends and family would gather in there and talk. The smokers would all congregate on the little back porch of the funeral home. You know what was really morose? They would take a bunch of pictures of their loved one in the casket. No…just no. Come to think of it, maybe this is why I’ve decided I do not want a funeral when I die.

    I love hearing about your everyday life, Marisa! Keep it up, girl!!! Hugs.
    P.S. who ever heard of being allergic to a cute little mouse? 🙂

    • LOL Lynette!!! Yes those mice!!! Was at my brothers house today waiting for the natural gas guy with my mom and my ears started to fill with fluid and my face got itchier and itchier still not feeling well now that i am home, told my brother I was allergic to his house (LOL) he said “i have a mouse AND mold in a wall that needs fixed, i bought the stuff but needed the natural gas fixed before i could work on the wall” SOOO I guess I am also allergic to mold! YAY ME!!! :((

      As far as funerals go, omgosh it seems like i should just buy the funeral homes at this point…. Our family has never done the wake type thing that lasted several days but the night before there is always a viewing which is a few hours and i dont get it, like lets go hang out with a body and watch each other watch the body and cry!?!? Also an odd thing that we tend to do is we go to the hospital or wherever after the person died… like when my grandpa died we got the phone call, this was two years ago, saying he had died that morning, the ENTIRE FAMILY went to the hospital, his body was laying there and people were drinking coffee and tea and snacking on bagels and stuff and i am like “ummm, we are soooo not normal!!” Maybe I should have done “31 Days of Death -Funerals You Can’t Forget”. When my grandma passed away we all congregated at the home at midnight when she passed, had snacks and coffee and tea etc and were there for many hours, basically until they kicked us out… then there was the viewing before the funeral, then there was the funeral the next day, then the following day was her burial… it was a week long… I actually said to my dad “your siblings do realize she wasn’t the queen right??” I mean, yes we all deserve to be honored in life and in death but that was a ridiculous amount of public display that my very meek and humble grandmother never would have approved of. Her funeral itself was over 2 hours long because it had a full Catholic Mass including communion.
      The best funeral I ever attended/planned, was of my maternal grandma, she was like my mom and i lived with her off and on as a child cuz i loved being with her. We had the ministers of the Salvation army do her service, my grandma had preplanned her cremation and all of that and we had the service in yard surrounded by her flower beds that she lovingly worked on day and night for as long as she had lived. I later moved into that house and always thought it funny that I had had a funeral in my yard! Oh geeze I could seriously go on forever!!!!

      Thanks for popping over Lynette!!!

  2. What a lovely, heartfelt post!

    I was pretty old before I went to my first funeral; in my forties. Prior to that the people I’d known had died violently in places far from home.

    I did bury a friend, once. Well, the bits I could find, and that only after dealing rather harshly with the folks who’d done him in.

    But I didn’t have a ‘family’ in that meaning of the word when I was growing up. They were not nice people, and the word took on bad connotations.

    But with FMF, I am re-learning. It’s never too late!

    #2 this week.

  3. Great post! Funerals are so hard. I agree we need to not wait until weddings and funerals to have family reunions. I’m parked over in the #16 spot this week,

    • Thanks for popping in Tara, I will take a peak at your post in a bit!! Allergies are still going nuts today after yesterday at my brothers house :S

  4. I’m so sorry about the loss of your uncle, and you’re totally right–we shouldn’t wait until a funeral to get together with the ones we love! I’ve never heard of someone who is allergic to mice–are you allergic to cats? Actually, I’m thinking that this would be a cool, but unique business (or something to write into a detective novel ;)) –you could visit buildings for the health inspector and confirm the presence of rodents!

    • I am allergic to some cats and some dogs and birds etc. It doesn’t go by breed for me, it simply goes by the individual cat/dog as I am actually allergic to their specific dander. Soooo, when I get a new dog or cat I have to hold it and snuggle it etc to establish whether or not I am allergic to it. Normally my allergies are pretty fast and I get he fluid in my ears and tingling lips if I am allergic, if I don’t respond instantly then I am usually good. Have had about 8 cats in the last 10 years (most moved out and became my neighbours barn cats) and I picked each one from the shelter and was fine with them. Same goes for my dogs! I also have a pet bird and I am not allergic to him either. The allergist told me to stop using down etc but when I said “i didn’t test positive to down” she got snarly with me and said it didn’t matter to quit using it, I did NOT give up my down bedding and do NOT have any issues with it. Definitely a case of listening to your body!! I do not test positive to cats or dogs, i do test positive to mice and other rodents though!

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