Oct 102015

My Franklin Covey planner is full of things I am thankful for each day because each day as a stay at home mom I don’t have a huge schedule. It amazes me how many things one can be grateful for throughout any given day. The small and the big, they all count, the counting adds up and suddenly you have hundreds or thousands of gifts and eagerly you are looking for the next because you know it is right there in front of you waiting to be seen.

The candle that I have been burning for the past week is called something like black cherry and it is a purple color and smells purple, I haven’t been able to place the exact scent but I am leaning towards it being almost like a grape soda. It is burning really nicely and was well worth the 8 dollars. I will definitely be buying from that company again!

I am also burning a mason jar candle called McIntosh Apple which is a bright red wax, not exactly my favorite color, I prefer white wax, but the smell is perfect and smells almost like green apple. Another candle I have burning is one I made myself with left over wax from a cheap candle that didn’t burn right.

I used a glass salsa jar that my daughter seems to have an abundance of and I melted down my Walmart bag of extra wax that I had saved up in a steel pot on the stove, then I poured the wax into the salsa jar and used bamboo skewers that had soaked in canola oil for a few hours as my wicks. I pressed the skewers down into the wax and cut them to the right length. Surprisingly, the candle is burning slowly and well. I always loved the wooden wick candles from febreeze but once I developed allergies to strong fragrances I ended up not being able to light one and leave it burning without it making me sick. I do burn one in the dog area by the door semi frequently but I absolutely love candles in my bedroom, especially in the evening, instead of using a lamp or the ceiling light. Plus, candles give off heat and seem to suck the chill from the air.

I have several oil lamps that I used to use regularly for the added heat and ambiance. They need more oil right now so they can’t be used but they are absolutely beautiful when lit and they make me feel so warm and excited. I guess I have a lot of my grandma in me, loving that old school farmhouse type style where things were simply, simple.

Every time I blow out a candle flame I think about Jesus being the Light. I love to watch the wick of the candle holding on red and fierce, I imagine that God is that very light. Always there, hot as ever and ready for me to look for and see. Only, the light of God doesn’t go out, and the flame never needs relit.

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