Oct 172015

Yeah, today was a day that you could list as sucking. Filled with back pain, sciatica and a whole lot of pacing trying to get comfortable, after waking up early this morning after having nightmares all night so vivid I still feel like if I reached out I could touch them.

But, despite or maybe in spite of all that is bad there is so much good that comes out of a day when we stop focusing on the negatives. I went through my makeup collection and tossed anything old or hated and got that tidied up –for the most part. I ordered a new blush and a new CC+ cream from IT Cosmetics –I wear their CC+ cream as my foundation all the time, but it is especially important in both summer and winter in Canada because it has SPF 50!!! My fair skin does not need a sun burn and people are often shocked that you can get so badly sunburnt in the winter, but you can! So I was happy to get that ordered at 10 dollars off!

I watched several videos on YouTube. Beauty product reviews today, sounds vain and maybe it is but you know what? There are three young ladies who I absolutely love on YouTube who have been there to watch when I am stuck in bed in pain or pacing around because I can’t get comfortable enough to focus -Hollie Forest, Vanessa and Mallory. While I would LOVE to have all the products they do they have taught me so much about loving myself as is and really not giving a second thought to how others may look at or think about me.

When the kids came home from school and I noticed the daughter was in a good mood I asked her if she wanted to go pick up her dogs birthday present, which she did, so we went to the pet store and got the dog 3 toys, or as she calls them “babies”. He treats them all so well and loves on all of his babies equally. It is so fun to watch him get new ones as he will never favor one and always moves them all from room to room and rolls on them and lays with them and protects them. It is adorable.

Decided to get a bottle of wine while I was out because the doctor has told me that red wine has been shown in some studies to help release COX2 inhibiters in the brain which is supposed to help with pain. I am NOT a big drinker and definitely don’t drink to get drunk but after a day full of pain and medications not working I decided to once again give this wine thing a shot, plus, I got 5 bonus Airmiles by choosing a bottle that had a special! I guess I officially look my age because the lady never carded me… or maybe the 13 year old child I have gives it away? Yeah I will blame the 13 year old!

Today we saw wind, rain, flurries (YES FLURRIES) and the mercury is sitting steady at freezing right now. The girl child is in her room watching TV with her dog and chatting and the boy child is at his hockey practice tonight instead of Youth Group. The dogs are all eagerly awaiting the arrival home of the family because they can go out and get the leftovers from school lunches.

I declared that I am going to kick Murphy in the butt when I meet him for making such a ridiculous law! Naturally I dropped something today and naturally it wasn’t where it fell the first dozen times I tried to find it and then naturally it reappeared like it had been sitting on top the entire time and I was the crazy one… Yes Murphy, I blame you!

The last of the cherry candle is burning down and the wooden wick candle I made is down a third, the McIntosh Apple candle in the Mason jar is also on what is likely its final burn. I love the smell of that one and bought a backup. I have a pumpkin spice candle that smells soooo good waiting as well as one that smells like vanilla frosting.

Something about candles always makes me think of Christ. Maybe because we light so many of them for Advent and even Lent. Maybe because the church is always aglow and the Priest swings around his incense to purify and cleanse. Though, I think that the biggest truth for me is that the Lord is my light, the one who gets me through and a candle’s flame represents the life and light that He offers me each and every day.

How has your Friday been? Don’t forget to leave a quick comment and a link to your blog so I can hop over and read your posts!!

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