Oct 022014

I focus the camera just so and I press gently on the shudder, making sure it will get into the best possible focus and when everything looks great I press the button the rest of the way. The view I have witnessed with my own eyes, captured just like that.

The view from my window right now is nothing but black as the night has fallen and there are no street lights for miles. The moon and stars are blanketed over by clouds that pour down a chilled fall rain.

The view inside is another story. The light on the fish tank is the only one on and I can see the fish playing, chewing, and uprooting my plants. The snails sliding along doing whatever it is that snails do. This little eco-system of green, black, white, orange, purples, blues and even pinks, all beautiful and natural.

Then, there is Tweety, my grey cockatiel stretching out after having his bedtime snack of strawberry, moving down to have a drink. Following the same routine every night. Snack, drink, gets into his favorite spot and does a bit of grooming before tucking his head in under his wing and falling into a beautiful sleep. Only to wake up if the phone rings or something beeps. He hates those sounds. He hates a lot of things. The quirks of a bird you have lived with for four years are amazing when you pay attention.

I think that lots of us feel that we need to travel to see the view. To explore the world to find culture. Yet, there is so much to see and explore right at your back door, or inside your home if you care to look. In counting my 1000 gifts this year I have reached over 1700 and most of those things are right here in my home. 1700 things to be grateful for, to gaze at, acknowledge, to realize that it is by His grace that I am blessed to live in a place where owning things is normal.


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