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Oct 272015

Perhaps things would be a lot different had I known God, really known God, as a teen. But, I doubt it. I wasn’t willing to see God or follow mainstream religion. I wasn’t willing to listen to wise words – I was a teen and I knew best.

I think it is easy to always wonder the what if’s and second guess the past because hindsight is 20/20 but in reality you can’t go back.

I saw a week or so ago trending on Twitter the question “if you knew who Hitler was, would you go back and kill baby Hitler?” and my response to that after thinking for a few minutes was “NO”.

No, I wouldn’t go back because all of those moments have molded not only who I am, but where I am, why I am and the world we live in.

Without Hitler women may never have officially gained the right to vote or even THINK on their own. Yes 100 years ago women having independent thoughts was largely frowned upon, and that’s putting it lightly. So while the world is full of sociopaths and mass murderers and wars that never should have been, there is a silver lining to it all if you look deep enough and hard enough.

For me, the World Wars caused my families to immigrate to Canada. It allowed me to be born and raised here. It opened up rights for women, rights to work, rights to think, and more importantly it showed men that women are perfectly capable of holding down the fort while they are away. As much as we NEED them, we CAN get along without them!

Perhaps some would go back in time and make some changes. I can see why. But for me, I have seen so much humanity come out of so much evil that the good has outweighed the bad, in every situation. God created everything to have a balance. Darkness and light. Up and down, left and right, North and South, hard and soft… you get it!

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