Oct 292015

I have never seen the ocean or the sea. I have never wanted to. Though, I am a huge advocate for stopping the hunting and killing of the fish and corals that live in our oceans. I must’ve been born right where I was supposed to be, smack in the middle of Canada, surrounded by lakes, literally, and just as far from one coast as I am to the next.

I grew up on the lakes, in boats, camping, swimming and I have never eaten or caught a fish. People are always amazed by that little fact about me, but even as a child I wanted to be a part of nature, and not take from it. I have a fish tank in my room, I have had a fish tank all of my life, well except for about 6 years while I was transitioning out of the abuse and into my own life. I would have had one then too, except my house was old and crooked and a fish tank wouldn’t have been level.

The sound of the water falling from the filters would drive some nuts, they ground me though. I am the first one to jump into the lake each spring and a few years ago even did it with ice still floating and my dad hollering at me as I floated on my back “you are turning blue and I am NOT coming in to get you!” Fitting that I am a Pisces? I know this astrological sign definitely represents my personality pretty well.

{Sea Shepherd stopping a Japanese ‘research’ vessel from hunting whales}

I have tried over the years to ignore those types of things though because really, who comes up with all of that? And my horoscope says I should have fallen into money like a million times in life…. Money where are you?

Seriously though, I think my love for the sea came when I visited Marine Land when I was 14. I was splashed by sea lions, kissed an orca and even petted his tongue, and I knew in that moment that this animal was looking at me from a 30 foot pool and wishing it could be with its family travelling the world over and over and over some more. Its cries could be heard for what felt like miles and I wondered then as I do now if it was calling home.

{A whale being processed by the Japanese after being pulled up the slipway to be sold as food. No research documents have been released}

I have wanted to join the often hated group Sea Shepherd and go to the Antarctic on a mission, a mission to stop the illegal poaching of whales in a whale sanctuary, where the rest of the world simply won’t step in and stop it. Yeah, I could do that. I could be happy with seeing the sea and all of its glory in a conflict to protect it from those who threaten to kill it.

In 2010, 113% more tuna were KILLED and sold for foods than permits were issued…ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN PERCENT. That doesn’t include the small fishing boats who are fishing for survival –the hobbyist. This is the commercial fisheries who pay a fine. So while I have no desire to become a mermaid anytime soon, I have a passion for the ocean and the things in it. God told us we have dominion over all the fish of the sea and all the creepy things that creep. Dominion doesn’t mean extinction. We were charged to take care of it. Not kill it.

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