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Everything has an opposite, I could sit here and write out the dark and light of everything but I think you all already realize that the universe is far more complex than our human minds can possibly ever truly grasp. This is why we have science after all, a deep underlying desire to try and figure it all out, to understand the incomprehensible a little more clearly, though if we are being honest, I think it is fair to say that we are more often than not, left with more questions than answers and a hypothesis that hangs in the air, heavy and burden laden with no place to rest.

It’s Halloween today. Some are not celebrating it, others consider it to be a secular holiday and others go all out the way Christians do for Christmas. Years ago, when my daughter was little and I had my son on the way, we had friends who didn’t do Disney or Halloween because of the evil connotations that it comes with, the magic of it all… perhaps because they were afraid that if they dressed their little one like a pumpkin something worse than a few cavities would happen or maybe because they found a piece of doctrine that spoke to them in a way that it simply never has to me and so many others. I don’t know.

What I do know is that everything can be used for good just as everything and anything can be used for evil. The gun used to slaughter those people in the church was used for evil, yet the same model with a different serial number that was used for protection was used for good. So how do we draw the line? Are people born either good or evil? Can one switch between the two or are we simply a product of observation and a victim of our time?

Personally, I believe that one can change, the way the sky is bright during the day and black at night. I believe we all are born innocent, or as innocent as possible for a human to be and that sin tempts us from birth causing us to do evil in some instances and good in others and to those who look on at us, some will see no wrong while others see only fault.

While this Halloween my children are not going out, it is their own personal choice. They decided they wanted to spend their costume money on discounted candy on November 1st instead.

We all wear costumes though, every. single. day. of the year.

You see, we put smiles on our faces when our hearts are feeling sad or even shattered. We cry when we are happy and we cry when we are sad. We tell white lies convincing ourselves that the truth would do more damage than good and somehow a white lie morally isn’t as bad as a flat out lie.

But why?

Why is it that the very Bible I study each day was used by man to serve Satan and break me into more pieces than I may ever pick up? How is it that Satan can use the Good Book to commit evil crimes? We can’t all blame possession for our misdoings and we can’t toss it under a rug like an unfortunate misfortunate –we have to own what we do and beg forgiveness and work to change our ways.

So whether you are dressed as the risen dead today or are carrying a sweet lady bug on your hip, evil isn’t built into the costume or into the date. It is something primal that surrounds each of us pulling hard down and we have to give all of our good to keep the bad away, not just today, but every day, because every day is going to blanket us in layers of choices and no answer may ever seem completely right, so we ask for guidance and we pray and we stand strong in the face of adversity and hold onto our morals and recognize our virtues and praise His holy name for what we do have and beg Him for what we don’t and in the end, everything will be alright.

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  1. Amen, sister!!!!

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