Oct 042015

Today was another day on the homestead, more battles between teens and adults, food cooked, people complained, dishes washed, mouse poop found and then ALL THE DISHES washed. Standing at the sink washing and singing Christmas songs while my son dried and filled the empty and cleaned drawers back up. We wondered what some of our utensils were and gave them silly names laughing all along. Joking that we can never find an ice cream scoop only to find SIX! We also found 4 pizza cutters!!!

The Leaves Changing

Music blasted from an angry child’s room after a scolding, pizza was eaten for dinner and the angry child wasn’t angry anymore and went out to play basketball to blow off some steam. The dog barking the entire time like the ball was secretly an evil vacuum ready to swallow up his partner in crime at any moment.

Buddy Snuggled In After a Long Day

Homework was done this morning at the dining room table with the warm fall sun beaming down on us. We were designing/coloring the outside of an art portfolio, doing hundreds (okay maybe 2 dozen) leaf rubbings in different colors in the “texture” section and then carefully placing every pencil crayon back in the box when we were done.

Pumpkin spice mocha was made and savored – it is my new favorite thing and I am thinking I get almost every calorie I could need from it too!!

I did a bit of scrapbooking/smash booking/journaling and I caught up on the If Equip Bible study that I am doing. I am loving the fact that it is simple scripture, and on the women of the Old Testament AND it is journaling and reflection. I love studies that make me think, instead of the ones that tell me how to think.

As I write this my fingers are still slightly shrivelled from all those dishes and I wish I was one to own dish gloves. I have had a lot of brown and falling leaves on my money tree the past few weeks and I wonder if I am doing something wrong.

I have been capturing the moments in the everyday mundane through photos and through keeping my list of 1000 gifts. The leaves are turning and some have already fallen onto the bright green grass.

The Truck Older than Me & a Snowmobile in Pieces

The picture a child drew for me has been smash booked with a journal card below it. I know how fast this time goes as a mom and I don’t want to miss any more than I have too.

I want to embrace the moments. No matter what the contain, whether its sink after sink of dishes because of mice, homework at the table, or learning the lyrics to an angry child’s favorite song, I want to remember, I want to be a part of it all. I want to live in love with who they are the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have our own little trinity going on but that’s what makes each of us unique.

Now that the sun is out and the kids are in bed and I have the time to think, reflect, and write I am feeling rambley because let’s be honest. I could document every moment of every day and it still wouldn’t be enough. I used to take a billion photos and now I don’t have many. I learned that I had to live in the moment instead of living behind the lens watching the moments pass me by. I know now that I need to find a balance of documenting and participating.

Hello Kitty Ruler & Franklin Covey Planner

I want to encourage my kids to try new things. Do things because they should and not because they are getting paid. I want them to know that even when they are at their worst, I love them as much today as I did the moment I knew they were growing in my belly. Love knows no bounds. Unconditional love is ordained by the Lord God Himself. That can’t be tampered with and Satan can rear his ugly head and I will smash him down every single time because God has me. God has my family and I am not going to let anything or anyone take these moments from us.

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  2 Responses to “Embracing Life and Capturing Moments”

  1. I use to love doing leaf rubbings. I need to take time and do that again. I like this glimpse into your everyday life.

    • Thanks Tara!! It is fun going back and doing these types of projects with my kids. Unfortunately technology has taken away a lot of these types of things from young kids and they are learning later. I never was keen on technology with my kids until they were older and they still missed out on so much!! It always amazes me when my “old” children need help with something I was doing before I ever began school. If the Lord chooses to bless me with more children I will definitely purpose to keep things simple like when i was a child. <3

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