Jul 052016

Holy mosquito!! The storms and rain and more storms have made the plants go crazy happy but the mosquitos have popped up in swarms waiting to eat you alive. I am fairly sure I could become anemic if I stood outside with them long enough, for real.

Got groceries today, yay for food. It cost a small fortune. Met an American man who was buying like 30 boxes of maple cookies, no joke, and I asked him if he had a cookie problem, he laughed and said he only comes up here (to Canada) once a year so he stocks up because you can’t get them in the states. Who would have thought you can’t get maple cookies in the USA? Seriously, someone should create a maple law to get that corrected.

I napped today, didn’t sleep long enough or well enough last night. My brain is misfiring and I am questioning reality and feeling a whole lot insane. When you don’t know if a dream was a dream or if it’s a memory you really start to wonder and the last week or so I have been really wondering.

I am sure anyone who follows me on twitter would have seen the several more morbid quotes from the last few days. Why morbid? Cuz that’s where my brain is at.

At the grocery store the cashier asked how I was doing, I’ve known her my whole life and she saw the anxiety and stress on my face. I said to her “I am killing myself and the note will be to all the old people who got in my way today.” Not killing myself but I really was THAT frustrated by the amount of people and their stupidity. I am human’d out now. My mom was following along and asking me why I was buying four of everything. I told her that I wasn’t going back for a month so everything had one a week. She said “but we will need milk” I said “we can buy a cow.” I bet I end up going back next week for milk…

The sky was blue, grey, thundery, shiny and cloudy today. So I guess the weatherman FINALLY got it right for once!! YAY WEATHERMAN!!! Whoever you are, I quit watching when I learned to pay attention to nature to know whether rain was coming. Old people, the really old ones who grew up on farms and literally slept on mattresses made outta hay, those are the ones you wanna talk to. They know how to fertilize your crop without a chemical and they know how to get rid of potato bugs without a pesticide, they also know how to tell when it’s going to rain simply by looking at the leaves on a tree. Don’t take their advice on oiling your driveway though, bad for the environment and very VERY illegal. Same with burning trash. I guess they didn’t get the memo’s on that one, but at least the food is fresh!

My brain feels like it is tunneling its way out of my skull, like even it knows being inside of my head isn’t a safe place anymore. Maybe it isn’t sure of whether or not the bones that encase it are real or if they defy the laws of physics and disappear only to reappear in a different time.

You ever try to explain to a scientist how things can cease to exist and then reappear and that you can’t control time yet you can travel through it? Yeah I have. They give you dirty looks like “this isn’t in the textbook.” Scratch your head dear therapist, scratch it hard and when you figure out what’s wrong please prescribe me the cure, or not, I mean at least I am able to stare into the knots of the wood above and be entertained for hours while debating whether or not they are fluid or solid, since molecules are all moving, even in a solid object they just have no space to go. The world is a plethora of shape-shifters.

AND that’s day 5, with a migraine no less.

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