Oct 052015

I am most definitely a home body. I have always preferred long days on the couch or the bed over any outing. Maybe because I am an introvert. I truly enjoy hearing the kids play and sitting out on the deck or in the yard waiting to hear the next “Mom look!”

Of course there are things I wish our home had, like a pool or a lake, in the summer we go to the beach almost daily and while it isn’t far away it would be an amazing asset to our family to be able to literally run out the door and into the lake!

Right now our home is in that fall transition. It is in the mid 50’s outside most days and we don’t want to pay for heat yet because that’s how we roll, so throw blankets are in abundance, as are Snuggies, long sleeved jammies, warm cocoa and candles to steal the chill from the air.

This morning as I write this I am gearing up to the If Equip study once more. I love being in my Bible, I seem to love it even more when the days are cool and I am comfortable to linger longer and think harder and take the time to reflect and write.

I don’t know what it is about the cooler air that makes time seem to stand still, but it does and I am oh-so grateful for these days of hot baths, fall scents and cinnamon sprinkled in my mug.

Today rain is in the air, the humidity high and the chill to the bones. Dogs barking woke me from my cocoon of down blankets and I made my way to the kitchen and had my Plexus Slim. The dogs are fed and in and warm, the cat thinks she is a dog and is munching down left over food and candles are the only light on in here aside from the screen on which I write.

I know one thing is for sure, I don’t have life figured out just yet. I also know that I likely never will and the best of the best is that the Lord God already knows the path where I will travel. The words that will hit the page before they escape my mind, what I will study and learn and how I will pull Him near. He is my everything and will carry me through the everywhere. Praise the Lord –I am blessed!

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (in)courage Special Edition
Created to be Beautiful Journal
(similar to mine)
Lantern and Mirror from DaySpring

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  5 Responses to “A Crisp Fall Morning at Home”

  1. Oh, must this…”the Lord a God already knows the path where I will travel”. Isn’t that SO reassuring, Marisa? Have you heard Casting Crowns’ song, ‘Already There’? Love it so much!

    • Oop…meant to say ‘just this’. Stupid autocorrect!

      • LOL Lynette!! Isn’t autocorrect lovely!?
        I have struggled in a sense as a Christian because “if God has my path laid out why would I sin?” BUT I know that I am thinking too deeply about this aspect when I ask that question because in reality, we are not on a path to force us into sin so that we can follow His map, but rather He has the X marked as far as where we will go or end up etc and we can zig and zag and do U turns a LOT along the way because that is uncharted by Him. While He knows our where and when, He has given us free will to follow our own “how” and THAT is an amazing lesson to all of us mama’s who just want to tuck our kids under our wing!! Thanks for faithfully stopping by Lynette!!

  2. I love that Jesus Calling devotional.

    • I have looked at the others on websites and in person and they simply don’t feel appealing to me because of the colors, but this blue/teal version peaks my interest and makes me want to pull it out and read through! I have to admit, I have fallen off course over the summer but I am definitely beginning to get back on track now and I am happy to see this beautiful book pulling me into the Word each day!!

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