Oct 082015

The lighter flicked but wouldn’t ignite so I went in search of a different one and instead I found an old box of matches. Matches were how I grew up lighting candles and I wondered for a few seconds why I had switched to the long bbq starter style lighter in the first place. The box of matches wearing a coat of dust so thick that I could barely read the box and for a second I wondered if they would even light given the condition of their packaging.

I grabbed them anyway and came to my bedroom, the place where I am most comfortable and where I happen to burn candles all the time. A quick flick of the match across the side of the box and there was light and for a moment I looked at it in awe. How does this semi-bumpy strip down the box side cause flame to come to life on a tiny wooden stick?

I lit the candles quickly, before burning my fingers and put out the wooden match. The tip glowing red for a few moments as it sat in the glass dish unsure if it’s job was done or not. Tiny glowing embers like a camp fire in a dish. The spark of God in my heart and I wondered to myself if God the almighty was in awe when He uttered the words “let there be light” and the sun formed and glowed bright in all of its fiery flames. He looked down and saw that it was good, very good.

In those days of creation I wonder a lot of things, like were they really seven days or was it seven centuries or seven millennia put into the only words that the scribe of the time could understand. Those details don’t matter though, the counting of time, years past and present, none of it really counts and yet it all counts at the exact same time.

God is a god of love, forgiveness, restraint, hope, life and light. He created the Heavens and the earth and all that lives and dies and in that time He created you and me. We were created in the very beginning just like everything else, and when he saw all that He had made, he again proclaimed it was “very good.”

Not only are our lives given to us for His glory, but they have been planned from the beginning of time. The Bible is a story, a long twisted mess of humanity that shows us exactly how one person can become a nation and that nation can become God with skin still on and that skin can resurrect so that I can be saved. And so it was and is and always will be because God is faithful to His promises even when I am not.

And so life was ignited in those first days, maybe by the whim of the ever present God above or maybe He had already planned us out before He ever spoke the words that lead to the world and the Word that is life.

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