Aug 252013


I found this infographic rather interesting especially when you see how much lower the divorce rate is for families in comparison to a couple. I would love to see a global comparison to the US and Canada to know if our lifestyles are that dramatically different then in other countries.

Though I am not a supporter of divorce I do realize that in some instances it is necessary. I for one am a single mom who narrowly escaped being killed so I definitely understand that divorce can at times be a necessary evil. However in my search for a hubby I am a LOT pickier than I ever was before and I am less needy. I have come to know exactly what I do and do not want and if something creeps up that isn’t within my belief system I simply end things before they can become serious.

I am a person who is very fond of the idea of courtship and I pray that God will one day (soon?) place before me the man whom in which I am to be with for eternity.

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