Sep 122013

DIY Home Repair

We now live in a world where people want to do everything themselves for a multitude of reasons; not having a contractor in your home, not waiting on a repair man and of course the money savings and satisfaction of doing it yourself.

DIY home repairs

Cons of DIY Work

Lets be real here. Your reasons for wanting to do it yourself are impeccable and yes you are likely quite able to research how to do things yourself but are you willing to live in a construction zone for months with unfinished projects? What about the time it takes for you to learn, get permits, and purchase all of the tools necessary. Once you count all of these things in is it any cheaper to hire someone?

Budgeting Your DIY Projects

Chances are if you are planning to do multiple DIY projects it is well worth your money to purchase the necessary tools to do a project well. You will need DIY tutorials, permits, and time to dedicate to your project. Research is key. Start small and know your limits.

Adding Value

When doing DIY a project on your home remember that your time and money should be adding to your homes value.  This is why I have mentioned permits several times. If you have done DIY projects that require permits and you have decided to skip this step you may end up being shut down by the city/town and you could actually be forced to remove finishing touches like drywall etc to show your electrical work and plumbing. At the very worst you could be told you need to remove your project entirely, get permits and start from scratch.

When selling your home any renovations will be checked to see if permits were used for them and what the city said about them. If you decided to DIY and install a 30,000 dollar kitchen and don’t use a permit your entire investment will NOT count towards your homes overall value and may actually devalue your home. Which is most definitely not what you want to achieve when spending your time and money on something.

Sound Daunting?

Don’t worry it really isn’t! I have been doing DIY work in my home since I was about 15. I have done drywall, painting, installed laminate flooring, torn up tiles, done grout, built shelves and other furniture, removed walls and I am sure there has been a lot more in the last 13 years.

Remember when you are deciding what DIY project to do that you budget both time and money.

Be proud of your work and don’t allow yourself to start and then take breaks or you will never get finished. Good luck with your projects! You will do great!

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  1. How do I budget for home repairs?

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