Oct 272016

As many know, I hate to eat, I really don’t like the feeling of anything in my mouth and never have. It’s actually pretty crazy and my mama says I never did like to eat and I have never really known when I am hungry, that is, until I take a med that is supposed to make me sleep. Then I am starving and wanting food. I don’t normally remember it but when the feeling hits I have wondered if its my body saying “feed me or I am going to pass out” rather than actually being hungry.

I have been exhausted the last while and getting cravings for salt or candy each month. I find it funny because the only time I get cravings normally is when I am pregnant, which I assure you, I am NOT!

Food normally brings people together, the kitchen being the heart of the home, but for me, it does the opposite, avoiding family meals and going out for dinner with friends all because I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to be served something that I don’t want in my mouth. It makes me sad that my food aversions are so powerful as to prevent me from breaking bread with others, but it does.

In looking into this more and more as I have aged I have come to realize some of us who are “picky” actually have diagnosable food issues especially with textures. So, at least I am not the only one, though in a lot of ways, I wish I were, because I don’t want anyone avoiding social situations or getting in trouble for not eating their dinner, because of something that is an actual diagnosable issue.

So, if you are hosting and have someone who doesn’t want to eat, or seems to push their food around rather than placing it in their mouths, don’t take it personally, you may have someone who feels horrible on the other side of that plate who just can’t bring themselves to “do it.”

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  4 Responses to “Eat – Day 28 #Write31Days #DarknessToLight #FMFParty”

  1. Good to know. I’m very aware of my kids and others picky eating. But I have a type of food im not putting in my mouth too. I have tried to eat it but cannot. So I get that. Mine are all things creamy but not sweet. Like gravy or salad dressing Alfredo
    Or cream based sauces and mayonnaise. I can’t explain it. Lol. Funny. And seemingly ridiculous. I get U there!

  2. WOW bless your heart. I have a loved one that is that way at times with textures and I think it is because she was such a preemie and on a respirator a few days.

  3. Bless you for being so honest friend. I think many of us struggle with food in one way or another.

  4. Your post is so powerful. Thank you for sharing from your heart. May God grant you peace and a hunger for all things lovely and tasty.

    Gina (#55 fmf)

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