Sep 092013

What Do I Need to Relocate or Move?

Spring and summer is the time of year that a large majority of people move in. The weather is nice, family and friends can take vacations and you can move without worrying much about bad weather or roads. However, moving during this peek season also has its disadvantages. The first being cost. If you are moving and renting a moving van or mover the rate you pay will likely be higher throughout the peek season. If you are able to choose the time of year you are going to relocate I would suggest during the cooler months to save money. You can also try moving during the week as weekends tend to peek more than weekdays.

Don’t forget to change your mailing address!

Ask to SEE Insurance and Paperwork

Even if you are hiring a big name company each division will be required to have its own insurance and may even have different hiring policies. I would definitely recommend you look at their insurance to ensure that your stuff is covered during transit. This needs to include accident insurance as well as overall damages, especially if you have high end furniture or antiques that have a high value.

Now, the movers themselves. Are THEY insured? If they fall on your property and break a bone are you at risk to be sued? Will you be responsibly for their safety? What sort of safety do they use? Do they have documents showing that they are covered and you are not liable? Talk to your insurance company to be sure that you are safe from something like this happening.

If they can’t show you their paperwork or won’t show you their paperwork show them the road and hire someone else. The last thing you need to worry about is damage, law suits and theft!

Word of Mouth

Talk to your business associates and ask them for recommendations on moving companies who are professional. Word of mouth advertising is an amazing way for a company to get “free” advertising and its a great way for you to hire someone who you feel you can trust. Don’t use word of mouth alone but that in conjunction with their paperwork should ensure you are good to go!

If you blog or are comfortable you can often ask for discounts in exchange for your honest review. This saves companies a ton on advertising, gives them word of mouth ads and a review that may be globally seen! It NEVER hurts to ask for a deal. The worse you can be told is no.

Lastly, be organized!

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  1. Great article. And the “Insurance” and “paper work” information really helped me. Thanks for this very informative article.

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