Jun 302014

The Natural World

When I was young we played outside. We caught tadpoles and frogs and we were always on an adventure like Dora the Explorer but we were actually outside living it then watching it on the TV. Cartoons ended at noon when soaps started and we played outside until our parents stood on the deck and called us home, by hollering our names!

We had tents and slept outside most of the summer and then we got a hand me down camper that basically became my summer home, with me and my friends living in it so we could have sleep overs every day of the week without keeping up my parents. We had a TV in there and watched Grease like 20,000 times and we played Monopoly and had a fridge full of soda and juice and snacks.

We would run outside and catch lightening bugs and marvel at their beauty as they flashed on and off inside of our mason jar night lights. We had imagination.

002{Tweety, my bird watching me on the computer}

Technology Takes Over

Now though a nice summer day is spent with cranky kids who just want to get back to their phones, video games, Ipads, Ipods and god-forbid we forget to bring a charger, oh and yeah the forgotten charger would almost always be my fault because I didn’t remind them to think ahead.

Any type of play seems to require MY imagination or an adult watching to give a “grade” on how good something is, like diving, jumping on the trampoline, timing how fast they can ride their bikes to a set point and back. I have to run through the sprinkler, set up a slip and slide, go outside and shoot pellet guns (and even draw the target). I have to go swimming to encourage them to attempt handstands and summersaults.

My Heart Breaks Everyday

Everyday that I see them sitting around playing a video game with no idea of how to create, imagine, play I am broken hearted. Did the way I raise them cause them to be social media dependant or is it a product of the times? I kept them off the computer up until they needed them for school work and I always encouraged outside play but it is like if they aren’t getting a reward or paid they have no interest. When you do manage to get them outside to help they fight with you and everything they can because they would rather be laying around then doing chores or having REAL fun.

A week or so ago I decided it was due time to finally plant my flowers and some seeds and I was shocked and sad when my kids offered to help only to leave me a HUGE mess, fight the whole time, storm off in near tears all in the name of putting seedlings in a pot!

My sons job is to weed eat. It’s like his only summer chore and he hasn’t done it yet this year because he isn’t getting paid. So I decided that all that “stuff” I buy that isn’t food is going to be earned from now on. No more paid bills, no more toys or replacement parts or or or… If they want it, they can work for it like everyone else. This is their home too and they shouldn’t complain it’s a mess if they aren’t pulling their own weight. Kids should be an asset to the house, not a drain.

sunrise{Found this on Instagram and fell in love with nature all over again!}


Do you struggle with this inability for your kids to use their imaginations? How do you encourage them to go outside and live each day like it’s an adventure? How do you encourage them to help out around the house and what chores do your kids do regularly? Have you found yourself saying “I’ll just do it myself” because no one wants to help you without being paid or having a benefit to themselves?

How do you work to instill a servants heart in your children?

017{I read and I study and I PRAY}

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