Jan 212014

My Fight to Get Organized

I decided this year to make it my one thing to do.


Once the kids went back to school I took down Christmas and put everything away and I took out some more winter like decor, including a lot of candles and clear glass for it to reflect off of.

I went through my email and unsubscribed to everything that I didn’t read to free up extra time each day and I organized my book shelves.

I also streamlined my Goodreads shelves by deleting them all and keeping a read, to read, and did not finish shelf.

I cleaned the fish tank and have been trying to keep up on my personal laundry.

I have also been writing in my gratitude journal EVERYDAY instead of just when I remember. It is becoming a habit that I do each night before bed and I am really pleased with that.

Being grateful and acknowledging the small things makes everything seem so big!

But, when I fight to meet my goals I seem to lose and THAT is frustrating!

How Do I Lose the Fight?

  • The fight gets lost when I find myself sleeping more than I am awake.
  • When I feel like everything I own is “junk” or just going to be ruined by the pets and I lose motivation.
  • The fight is lost when I want to raise my children one way but others have a different idea or a different believe system and their impact is just as much as my own.
  • I fight to clean the house only to turn around and have it a mess before I have even emptied the mop pail!

It is most definitely the little things that add up that bring me down and make me feel like the world is fighting back because everything piles up so quickly and I become overwhelmed. I feel inadequate. I feel like I have failed. Maybe no one else cares about the nose prints on the french door but I do and to me those nose prints say I am lazy even though when I wipe those prints off a dog will be right  there sniffing the glass to see what I am up to.


I get a “why bother?” attitude and that isn’t healthy for me or my family or pets. It leads to depression which leads to the sleep cycle and so on.

So HOW Do I Fight a World that Fights Me Back?

I stay focused on:

  • My gratitude journal
  • I write
  • I blog
  • I do small things in an attempt to feel that even work done incorrectly still blesses me and my home.
  • I read the Bible
  • I read -a lot

Focusing on the Lord and the one’s I love is good motivation to at least TRY and TRYING is seemingly all that I can do.

fight to be grateful

How do you fight back? How do you place value on the mundane? What makes YOU feel like an asset to your family?

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