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My mind runs rampant with writer’s block and all I can think about is reading. Reading through the Bible, the PILE of books I have next to my bedside table and of course the “pile” that lives within my Kindle and Kobo apps.

At present I am reading Patricia Cornwell’s Red Mist. She has been a favorite crime author of mine since I discovered her in 2007. Her books have an educated accuracy that only a handful of writers could ever have. As she worked to become a writer she was fortunate enough to work within the walls of a medical examiners office and this has afforded her the knowledge of an ME that most others would never see.

I am also reading the Bible. I started on 1 Samuel this week and I always find it funny how each time I read a passage my brain receives and perceives the knowledge in a different manner, one in which applies to my life right now. So the Bible for me is not just a story or a faith but it is a guide to living healthy and happily and we all know I have struggled immensely with both.

Back to my bookshelves, I have so many books that are cuddled together on my bedside table, my long bookshelf, my short bookshelf and some {okay many} still in their envelopes from authors and publishers wanting my reviews.

Oh how I plan to read each and every book even though the list is a mile long and continues to grow almost daily. What a blessing that MY opinion is sought by others about their works, their artistic abilities, the stories that once lived in only their minds.

How blessed I truly am for the hundreds of people each day who read my blogs, reviews and random thoughts. I never knew the opinion of one mama could be so important to people. I only wish I would get more comments so I know what my readers enjoy the most.

The weather here is already beginning to turn and the leaves are turning from a vibrant green to their fall colors of gold and red. As I sit here with the house busy around me with children doing their homework, playing games, snacking and of course the dog that seems to think she is attached to me I am even more conscious of my blessings.

My house is a mess, my kids aren’t perfect, my animals have attitude and yet I am content because I get to hear their stories, read these books {and blogs} and I get to be a part of the chaos that lives around me each and every day. What more could a mother want for her family than a level of comfort and contentedness that can only come with unconditional love.

My house can wait. The mess can wait. These precious moments with my family won’t be here in ten minutes, they won’t be here “later” because “later” something else will always be there creating a new moment for us.

Moments that I am a part of because the house will be here tomorrow.

Happiness often feels out of reach for me but when I think about it I am living within its walls right now, I just need to absorb better than I currently do.

Where do you find your happiness and what keeps your heart content?

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  38 Responses to “Finding Happiness Inside the Chaos”

  1. You are so right Marisa, sometimes it good to remind yourself what is really important. I’m often worried about things that at the end don’t really matter, but it’s sometimes difficult to let go. I enjoy the simple things in life and sometimes just cup of tea brought to me by my husband is enough to make me feel warm inside.

  2. I can totally relate to this blog post! With many kids- our life is always at least a little chaotic! I’m so happy to see that others understand enjoying the little moments in life!

  3. Helping others and serving my family is the key to my happiness. I try to live each day following in my Savior’s footsteps, although hard to do. Wishing you the best in your blogging.

  4. I personally love Patricia Cornwell. I have read her for years. Reading has always relaxed me and taken me to another world in my mind. I love it. And I agree that it calms the chaos.

  5. I love reading too! My list of books to read is ridiculously long and I find new ones everyday 🙂 Curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee on a chilly fall day is my idea of heaven!

  6. I am always trying to balance my to do list with my family, but I have found that the things that make me most happy are the little moments in the day that I would tend to look over if I hadn’t been looking for them. My kids playing nicely together. My husband washing the laundry when he sees how busy I am. The little I love you’s from my 2 year old.
    Great post, and good luck catching up on all that reading!

  7. I find happiness in my faith, husband, family and self. Faith is important to having inner peace in my opinion.
    Divachyk @ Relaxed Thairapy

  8. Sometimes being able to read for a bit when the family craziness surrounds us is heaven! I love your perspective!

  9. A great reminder to enjoy those precious moments with family. I always feel at peace when I’m reading scripture. I too find that it always seem to relate to whatever I’m struggling with at the time!

  10. Thank you for the reminder.

  11. I think nothing is happier than chaos. Who wants a perfect home, life, family, etc.? That’s boring! At least if there’s chaos, there is the potential that good things are happening.

  12. I love reading, I just wish I had more time to do it! I find happiness in spending quality time with my husband and son though.

  13. Writer’s block is the worst! I usually try to get the kiddos and go outside for a while- fresh air seems to refresh us all, and we make some great memories, too.

  14. You are so right! It can all wait! I also can relate to getting something different out of The Bible every time I read it. I figure it has to do with my life changes God has a different message for that season of my life. I also have a long list of books I hope to read eventually!

  15. Love it that you share that the Bible isn’t just ” a story or a faith but it is a guide to living healthy and happily”, because it is! The only way we truly are happy and satisfied is when we read and follow the Bible!
    Thank you for reminding me, that there is only this moment where my kids are just like they are and my chaos and housework will be the same the next day!

  16. You have a great outlook on life and a wonderful family to share it with. I am not much of a reader of books, I read technical articles. Crazy that an old Southern Lady would love technology, but I do. I love my family like yours and I take time out to talk and hug too.

  17. ooohh, I looooove reading, my poor library card is maxed out, and I may have to go get my kids their own so that all of their homeschool books can go on those:-) I also love Patricia Cornwell, amazing writer, very real, I learn so much from reading her work!! Also love the Bible, reading through Proverbs right now with the kids, it is great beause they don’t understand the word meanings, or the imagery, so I have to stop and dissect the verses, making me rethink what I know, or thought about those verses, very awesome!!
    I will have to check out some of your reviews, I really love reading, my pillow misses me I love it so much:-)

    • AMAZING book on Proverbs is by Gloria Copeland. It is called Hidden Treasures: Abundant Life in The Riches of Proverbs. It was a life altering book for me and I have re-read it many times. Praise God for religious authors who stay on point! I was tight for money and desperate for the Lord and Kenneth Copeland Ministries sent me several books at my request at absolutely no charge or expected donation.

  18. I find my happiness in music and singing keeps my heart content! There’s a song for every mood and can brighten my day.

  19. the mess sure isnt going anywhere is it?? i have always wanted that house sign that says ‘our house was clean yesterday.. sorry you missed it” or “sorry about the mess, we LIVE here”

  20. Marisa, thank you so much for your transparency! I find my happiness in being true to myself, my faith, and placing the utmost respect and value on what happens behind closed doors in my home. I thrive on keeping my spirit young, and pursuing my dreams like never before. I find contentment in appreciating the little things, and I believe in indulging in some form of “play” everyday, no matter what it is.

  21. Aww thanks! I so need to hear this from another mama. I have come to realise of late I grew up in a house that life began for the day after all the cleaning was done… that was pants! I am trying to be present for my boys and not have my mind on the washing or the dishes. Faith is everything.

    Bless you

  22. I find my moments of happiness when I am surrounded by friends and family, especially during the holidays. It can be so lonely at times when you don’t have time for social interactions, but they are so important to help you find the joy in life!

  23. My life is super busy… way too busy actually, but it is my life and for that reason I embrace the chaos!

  24. Thanks for your post! You My happiness is my family! Amidst the chaos, there is much happiness to find with the people that we love! 🙂

  25. Whenever I think of happiness this quote always comes to mind: “Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road”. So true.

  26. My happiness comes from family and the outdoors. I agree that sometimes the mess can wait as you get to make memories with your family and friends. Thanks for sharing this!

  27. I too love to read – I have many books in queue just waiting to be read! I’m a new SAHM and after surviving LOs 1st year, I am now trying to learn to live and let go. My house will never be as clean as I would like. I’ll learn that sooner or later, but I certainly wouldn’t trade those moments with my son for a perfectly clean house.

  28. I love, love, love the Scarpetta novels! I’ve read most of them, and really need to catch up on the new ones. Cornwell lost me a bit around the time everything went down with Benson, but I’ve tried to come back to her. I need to pick up where I left off.

  29. Very well said. I find the chaos of my own life to be invigorating. We are a very active family of five with two dogs, lots of excitement, and never a well-swept floor. I also agree with your take on the bible. Every time I read through Proverbs, something else jumps out at me. My father-in-law says, “through medication comes revelation.”

  30. I’m also a HUGE reader. Other than decorating, reading really makes me happy. When I’m not feeling well, bored, tired, I’ll pick up a big and start reading. Anything will do. Reading makes me content.


  31. Love it! Yes, our house is not super clean and there are things I should be doing but I enjoy being with my kids. One of my favorite things is to cook/bake with them! I love seeing them use their minds and figure out how to double the recipe (we are learning fractions). I love seeing the joy of them trying a new dish that they had made! Memories that they will never forget!

  32. I have to remind myself daily that very thing. My kid and husband come first. I can get pretty annoyed by my messy house, but it is just going to get messed up again tomorrow so why worry so much about it today.

  33. When in doubt, go back to the basics. Write what you know. Seek satisfaction, not perfection.

  34. I do that too. I could have a million things on my to-do list and still can’t stop thinking about wanting to break down and read the million books I’ve accumulated this year!

  35. Great post. I am also reading the bible with a half dozen other books. It is so true no matter how many times I read a passage it appeals to me differently depending on what life lesson I am working through

    • I just started reading the Bible in 90 days! I am excited to go through it but I have to admit it is a LOT to absorb!! I love reading different genres as well to keep my mind alert, especially to God!!

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