Oct 302014

This isn’t the first migraine I have had lately. One could say that I should probably get my head checked with how often they are coming on. The worse part for me is the nausea and motion sickness. For it’s obvious reasons and because it reminds me of being pregnant –only then at least I am growing a tiny human so it is easier to accept.

I definitely think I have some baby fever going on. It seems like everyone and their dog is having a baby, unless they have six kids already, they don’t mention whether they have a dog, but most of those lovely ladies are expecting so it seems and part of me is wondering why I can’t join the ranks? Naturally it couldn’t be because I am in a long distance relationship and haven’t had the opportunity for a pregnancy to occur, and I definitely don’t think he would be as understanding as Joseph was when Mary was heavy with child. Plus, I don’t think angels do interventions for people who are lying so there is that. Mary clearly wasn’t lying or the angels of God wouldn’t have come to smooth things over with Joseph. All I can say is Joseph was chalk full of GRACE and yes he deserves all capitals.

Seriously, even today men struggle to stick around (not all men, but a LOT of them) and here he (joseph) is in a time where he could have easily had Mary stoned for being pregnant, a child herself at only 13-14 years old, and instead his first thought was to have an amicable but legal divorce that would leave her safe. Then that amazing angel Gabrielle comes down and he says to Joseph, “look, Mary is good! So good in fact that GOD CHOSE HER to CARRY THE CHRIST CHILD. She didn’t cheat. She is still a virgin. This baby is the SON OF GOD”, and Joseph? Well it doesn’t say anywhere that he thought he was delusional or had taken one too many herbal sleep supplements that night, rather it simply says that he said “oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. Not only will I obey you Lord BLINDLY but I will protect YOUR Son as if He is my own!”

Now, how totally wow is that?

Care for woman he loves pregnant with the Son of God? Check

Travel to Bethlehem for the census? Check

Help Mary deliver a baby in what was probably a pretty chilly barn? Check

Flee the country and move to Egypt? Check

What wouldn’t Joseph do for his family?! Such an amazing man and really this is one of the first true relationships we get to see in the Biblical texts that deals with fatherhood and that extreme desire to obey God and protect.

While I know there are many other accounts in the Bible of men being told by angels that they will be fathers, like Abraham, we don’t see so much of the blind faith. Even Abraham said to the angel “we are barren and now far too old to have conceived a child”, he believed in God but he still wasn’t sure if God could work miracles like this, he had doubt.

Joseph therefore, seems to be the first man to never doubt what the angels told him. Mary never doubted her role as this baby’s mama. They both simply praised the Lord and continued to obey.

What is Obedience?

The other night I was half watching a show on TLC and it was about a Christian family. One of the elder sons explained that obedience doesn’t just mean that you go and get the chore or task done, but you do it promptly/immediately. He had more to say about it but I really liked that because there are so many times as a mama where you have to warn your child that if they don’t obey immediately they will have consequences (like no wifi), and in reality, we should be training up our children to obey immediately from the start so that when we get into the more stubborn years they understand that if they don’t obey immediately that they not only are dishonouring you as their parents, but this also dishonours God as he was the one who tells us to honour our father and mother!

Congratulations to anyone who is expecting or has had a baby recently! I know that it is hard work especially for the mama but do your best to obey God “immediately” and everything will ALWAYS get better!

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