Feb 162014

Garden – So Much Comes to Mind

In the garden is where I grew up, bonded with my grandma, learned to fear bugs and learned how to tell the difference between a pretty weed and the food that is going to sustain us. Dragging about that big hose and being in charge of preventing kinks. Oh how I miss my grandma and getting dirty together.

Garden Five Minute FridayThe garden is also a spiritual memory because of Adam and Eve and the God who created me right there in the Garden of Eden. The God who is most high. The God who knew my heart and soul long before it ever came to life. That very Garden where the first sin occurred and monotheistic faith really began.

In the garden I think we all fear the “serpent” or snake hiding below a leaf, plant, head of lettuce. Worried that it too will jump out at us like it did to Eve. Perhaps the sin of all sins happened in Eden but I am not going to blindly trust a snake!

My heart still beats, it still flutters with excitement and joy in this life and it makes me happy because I am wise enough to know that I don’t know a thing at all and I have enough knowledge to know that I must never stop learning or striving towards the ultimate truth.

The Garden taught me that. Persevere even when you are wilted because water, the water of Christ, will always restore my soul. Yes, even though I am a sinner He has decided to bless me with the water of life – His Word. A gift that I don’t feel that I deserve but what I feel doesn’t matter because God said I deserved to learn the Word so that I too could live in the Garden of sustenance.

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  1. Found you on 5 Minute Friday.

    Beautiful post! I thought of Adam and Eve, too. How wonderful that you have such fun memories of gardening with your grandmother.


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