Oct 072014

I had only slept a few hours, about 2, and my mom woke me up and told me I had to come to town with her. I said okay and got ready to go. We got out into the car and as she pulled down the drive she started to swear and told me to pick up someone’s ipod. I said I didn’t see an Ipod and she nailed on the brakes bringing us to a dead stop and she started to scream at me to get out of her car, telling me how useless I was and how all she wanted was some help etc.

I got out of the car and started walking back up to the house and she backed up alongside me and I thought that she was going to run me over, she was beyond scaring me at that moment. She continued to belittle me and scream at me and she told me that when she got home I had better not live here anymore or she would call the police and have me removed.

So naturally I did what any rational woman who is bawling their eyes out would do. I called my daddy and told on her! Once he could finally understand me he told me that I wasn’t kicked out that it was his house and that he understands her frustration but understands that I haven’t been sleeping and have been on the injured list now for about 10 weeks.

He called me back about half hour later to see if I was okay and he told me he had an extra heat wrap for my back and told me to use it. That thing was like a miracle, it quickly relaxed me and put me to sleep.

I woke up after dinner and felt much better. Still hurt that my MOM can talk to me that way but I really should be used to it. I was kicked out the first time when she was pregnant with my little brother. I bounced back and forth between her care and my grandma’s and I went to work with my dad several times a week. It has always been more than clear that she never wanted me.

Yet, in those moments of puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks I know that GOD created me. GOD wanted me. GOD placed me here for a reason and that Satan can work in my mom however he wants to, I don’t have to let him win, because in the end, God always wins, ALWAYS!

By His grace my mom will find peace in her heart that will reflect into her life.

By His grace we will continue to love her regardless of how sharp her tongue gets.

By His grace…




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