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My goosebumps had stood tall so long that my skin felt as if it was covered in a million needles and the thought of air brushing over was enough to cause me pain. My fever was at 102.9 and Tylenol and Advil combined weren’t making it budge. Room temperature water felt like swallowing rocks that just wouldn’t stay down. I was in agony and for a few hours I wasn’t sure I was going to survive. I laid in my bed shivering cold with beads of sweat soaking my brow and matting my hair and my lips were moving on their own speaking to the One who created me. The One who had bore my sins on the cross and had already healed me.

By your stripes I am already healed…” rolled from my tongue between body aches and for the first time in a long time I was excited. Excited to be able to fight the flu with scriptural truth without needing to pull out a Bible or an app or a search engine. The Word just flowed from my tongue and prayer was spoken to God without second thought and I was amazed.

Amazed that how I was in such a limited place physically, barely strong enough to stand, while the Word of the Lord came out of my mouth as though it had been there forever. Maybe it had been. After all, He created me. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” As part of His creation and His divine plan maybe His Word has been planted deep in me since the beginning and it just takes a little bit (okay a lot) of practice to get it to overcome the often easier sins that the world has to offer.

I never prayed like this before. I never knew that I knew as much as I did, and yet there it was and here I am less than 48 hours out with a sore throat and a fever that left hours after the prayers began. Atheists call it science. I call it God. Whatever the case, I learned that my knowledge of the Word isn’t limited by what I think I know or what I willingly acknowledge that I know. I learned that my knowledge has no bounds and that speaking to God without thinking about it was an awesome experience that I can only pray that others will get to share.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.
~John 10:10~

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  14 Responses to “God Didn’t Place a Limit on Us!”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. I love John 1:1 one of my all time fave texts. I’m over in the #10 parking spot this week.

    • I swear I could highlight the entire Bible some days!! It has so much awesome in it 🙂 Thanks for faithfully stopping over Tara, it means a lot!!

  2. What a great witness to God’s power…He is so eager to help us!

    And atheists…they may ‘know’ science, but they sure don’t understand it. I always get a laugh out of the ones who claim that evolution was driven by cosmic ray mutation.

    For one thing, it’s statistically inadmissible…and for another, even vible mutations are nearly always sterile!

    #2 at FMF this week.


    • Have you watched God’s Not Dead? It is great and i love how they use atheists and scientists to prove that God is alive and well 😀

  3. Anytime I have difficulty falling asleep and especially when I’m sick, I love quoting Scripture to myself. That’s why training our children to memorize Scripture is so important. Thanks for sharing at FMF.

    • I wish I had been more into memorization when my children were young as they don’t have an interest in it. I try my best to show them how amazing God is without ruining it for them. It is a tough balance!!! I always say if I am blessed with more that I will definitely be doing Biblical teaching from the very start!!

  4. Good thing God goes beyond anything we can do. Glad you’re feeling better! Good to see you at #FMF.

    • Thanks Kristin! Not 100% by any means but definitely on the mend!! I love how I shocked myself in speaking to God!! I never would have thought it would come so natural! I am beyond excited!!

  5. I quote the 23rd Psalm and a The Lord’s Prayer when I don’t have the words to pray. They are both extremely comforting to me. So glad God is bringing you healing so quick. Be blessed.


    • My grandma while on her death bed would mumble through the 23rd Psalm. It holds special meaning to me since seeing her do that. As a child her and I shared a bed and she always read through the Psalms with me. As a Catholic the Lord’s Prayer is something I even SING. Oddly enough, I never knew that the Lord’s prayer was part of scripture until I was much older. So blessed to be learning about MYSELF as the child that God created!! Definitely feeling better but not 100%! Thank you for stopping by as always!!!

  6. Great post, Marisa. I assume you’re feeling better?? But what an experience! God met you in your need. I love to read others’ experiences of Him intervening. So glad I stopped over. Bless you, and may you stay healthy.

    • Thank you Julie!! I am not 100% yet but thats the flu for you! It truly amazed me how quickly God intervened and shut that fever up and got me resting and healing once I began to pray. A great reminder that He is always there waiting for us to call on Him!!!

  7. Ms. Marisa, I’m glad I was reading Kate’s blog today because it brought me to yours. I love love loved your post. Thank you for showing the limitlessness of God. It is in these moments when God shows up, you fall in love with Him again. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    • So happy my words were able to encourage you today Crystal!! Praying you have a great day! Thank you so much for coming by 🙂

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