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grateful - Five Minute FridayThis is a prompt that I surprisingly struggle with. Not because I am ungrateful but because acknowledging that gratitude is something that I am working on with the help of #1000gifts. Today is Mother’s Day and though my mom and I fight like oil and water we are also best friends and do a LOT together. While I am beyond grateful for all that she has sacrificed for me I am also grateful to have her as my mom and my friend. She is the one who wakes up and gets the kids off to school because she knows I don’t sleep well at night. She is the one who my children confide in when they don’t feel they can confide in me or the other way around depending on their moods!


red kids shovel waiting for this years use{A child’s shovel waiting to be used & maybe painted!}

I am grateful to have these beautiful children who look just like me with hair the color of straw and my grey blue eyes. The tears that fall from my own fall from theirs as well, I am grateful that I can see myself in my children in so many different ways and I feel so blessed, so humbled so… I don’t even know because there just aren’t words that can describe some feelings and I think this is one of them.

moss on the north side of the tree{My favorite tree. Broken, dead but giving new life to moss}

I am so blessed to be loved by people on earth, so blessed by those born into Heaven. So blessed and grateful for a Father- God who made the Ultimate Sacrifice so that I might be saved and so that my innocent babies could make their way straight into His arms.

I am grateful for having a messy house because it means that I have too much and am not lacking.

Grateful for the pictures always turning crooked on the wall because that means someone was playing to rough or bouncing a ball in the house even though they aren’t allowed.

Grateful for coffee, tea, pancakes, the smell of bacon sizzling on the grill and I am grateful for oh so much more than I can even begin to post in this five minutes of writing.

sunset through the trees{Sunset through the trees}

I invite you to go to A Holy Experience and download the JoyDare and begin counting your gifts for this year. One thousand gifts in a year if you write just three a day. You can read my One Thousand Gifts here.

[Tweet “Being Grateful isn’t just saying thanks; it’s LIVING in thanks!”]

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  One Response to “Grateful – A Five Minute Friday Post”

  1. Hi Marisa,

    How sweet of your mom to help get the kids off to school in the morning, knowing you don’t sleep well. Very nice.

    Re your comment on my blogpost “You Are Sooo Close,” yes, good wisdom! “As long as we breathe we should give him thanks.”

    Have a wonderful week, Marisa,
    Jennifer Dougan

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