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Tonight I tucked my kids in and I couldn’t help but give extra unwanted hugs with tears welling up in my eyes. It’s such a conflict for a mama’s heart when she is proud of her kids for being older, more independent, helpful and then you feel like it was only yesterday that they were licking the spoon and you were their only want and supplied all of their needs.

DD is packed and ready for school, has been for a month and when I asked her what she was going to wear she said in a pre-teen tone “why does everyone want to know what I am wearing? I don’t know yet so you don’t know yet!” Oh yes 12 going on 21 and I still remember being heavily pregnant picking out the perfect outfit for my unborn baby to wear home from the hospital.

Since I didn’t know what I was having I went with a white sleeper with matching hat that was stamped all over it with teddy bears holding a maple leaf saying “born in Canada”.

I look to the corner and I can see the phantom crib, the bassinet, the rocker, the change table full of folded and folded again items. Everything this sweet child owned filling only a couple of shelves, everything that she needed in one space, love following everywhere she went, everywhere she goes.

Only now her possessions quite literally seem to have exploded from one end of the house to the other, and a trail of dirty dishes often lead straight to her. Her clothes all on the floor, then suddenly filling up the hamper as she decides to “clean”.

Whoever said “love hurts” must have been a parent, because these years go by achingly fast. I pray that tomorrow she knows she is loved, and that her day doesn’t disappoint.

My boy already is a big kid in his school too, I keep thinking I am going to be doing this all again in two years and I wonder if he will be as excited. He definitely is sad that summer is over now and that school is going back into full swing, but he wouldn’t take me up on my home school offer. It is scary to let them go, let them spread their wings and fly.

Yet, isn’t that exactly what God wants us to do? To raise them up so that they can stand on their own, in His Holy name? Protected by His umbrella of love and strength, guided by the GPS that is Christ because only He can be around 24/7. Trusting that the Father will always be there; for them and for me.

A prayer for our Children

Growth in Grace

I pray that they may “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”
~2 Peter 3:18~

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  4 Responses to “Growing Up…”

  1. I really loved this post, Marisa. Eternal love seems to fold time in on itself; the crib and the twelve year old all at once; the crib and the Cross. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Yes! I never even thought of it as “the crib and the Cross” but in so many ways it really is. We look down on our bundles of joy and wonder if we will ever sleep again and then suddenly they are well on the way to grown and we wonder where the time goes. All the advice you didn’t want as a new mom “enjoy them while you can” “it goes so fast” oh if only I had listened! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I am aching so much inside with the letting go process of being a momma. Little girl is doing great in school, but I cried last night so hard because I simply miss her when she is at school. All these little “letting go’s” is so hard…like ripping off a Band-Aid slowly. Thank you for these words and letting me know that I am not alone. Visiting from Testimony Tuesday!

    • Tonight when my kids got home from school I said again “are you ssssuuuuureee you don’t want to be home-schooled?” So, I totally get that pain. I am happy you stopped by and found you’re not alone! God is amazing in how He places exactly what we need in our paths when we need it!

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