Jul 212016

I was going on my own for so long and sometimes I still feel like I am fighting an uphill battle with a smooth surface. You see, if the mountain was smooth you wouldn’t have anything to grab, no where to place your feet and you would slide right on down, but God, He placed those jagged spots and crevices for our feet to stand on and our hands to hold so that we can continue up the crazy hill instead of sliding at the very bottom, never getting anywhere.

He wants us to climb the hills, especially the jagged ones because even if they are cutting into our broken hands and feet we have to trust that holding on is what He wants us to do, wants us to go through, reach the top and the best part is the other side of the mountain is jagged too so we don’t slide right back to the bottom and have to start again, we may slide a few inches or a few yards, but God has built our mountains fiercely strong, enabling us to reach the top and stay there.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

~Philippians 4:13~

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  10 Responses to “He is the Help |Day 15 of 31 Days of Summer | #FMFParty”

  1. Loved this post. Makes me think of all my mountain climbing friends. I will climb a big mountain next summer! Even if there are jagged edges along the way.

  2. Marisa, this is brilliant; just perfect. You’ve changed my outlook.

    Thank you for this.

    • Aww, you are too sweet Andrew. Thank you for stopping by as always! I hadn’t planned to write at all so I was sort of shocked by what came out and also by how short it is since my posts are normally quite long. Happy it was what you needed!! (((hugs))) and much love!!!

  3. Beautiful post and lovely thoughts. 🙂 All things work together for our good. Blessings, Tasha

    • Thank you Tasha! I hadn’t expected to even write this week so I was happy with what came out!! Always in His timing!! I am learning!

  4. Thank you for your analogy…it is so true…visiting from FMF…Gloria

  5. I love where you went with this! We so often fear “hard” but they can at times be the very best. I love the idea that the rough patches can be a help! Thank you!

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