May 192014

Help – Where You Least Expect It

The helping hand often comes from the most mysterious place. Not necessarily where you expect it from, like a friend or family member but instead a complete stranger through a note, a tweet, a quick comment or a hello.

The best help is the kind that listens to your heart and prays for you to experience peace and God’s love even if that’s not what you are praying for yourself.

Recently, I had signed up to write for (in)courage and while I wasn’t accepted I trust that God has a path for me and that it will be revealed in His perfect timing.

I was surprised though when after I got the email regretfully informing me that I hadn’t been selected to write at this time that I received a beautiful card in the mail from the (in)courage team thanking me for my ministry!

It Weighed on Me – Is it True?

I sort of hid the card away at first feeling silly that someone would think that what I am saying or doing with my life is a sort of ministry but as the weeks have past the idea of my words and life being a ministry have stuck with me, the card is now on display on my Truly Blessed bird cage from DaySpring. It also holds the cards from the Snail Mail group that I am a part of and I am proud to display these items. To display that GOD IS FIRST IN MY LIFE in such a strong and recognizable way as a card thanking little ole me for my ministry!

This may not seem like a helping hand but it is. It has given me faith in my own heart that I am following the right path on this faith filled and very spiritual journey.

Shortly after this rejection the (in)courage team accepted me to co-lead a 6 week group for moms of boys. I had applied but didn’t consider it a ministry but when I received the email and the group listing I prayed that God would lead me and help me minister to moms in the way that they need. My head is this one big brainstorm of ideas and open-mindedness that I had no idea was really there before.

The groups open for signup today and I am not afraid of co-leading or leading people in praying for their Children, raising their boys, loving on them. I feel content, prepared, excited and I know that with God there really is no way to pre-schedule things because He feeds us what we need to say as we say it and I am more than content in not having premade posts for this group. I am ready to roll with the punches all because of a rejection card thanking me for something I wasn’t aware that I was even doing!

My Ministry… Gifts from God.


If you are a mom of boys and would like to fellowship with us over the next six weeks in a private group click on the link and sign up. Space is very limited.

Raising Warriors – Moms of Boys

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