Aug 282013

Military Families and Housing Options

Finding your Military Family a Home!

I believe that none of us don’t feel the effects of the Military whether its directly or within our community or our country.

In my case it is a bit of both.

I have online friends who are Military. My best friend was US Air Force for years. My cousin is an army wife and her hubby was actually injured in Afghanistan.

When I watch Hockey Night in Canada I see Don Cherry crying while talking about our fallen heroes and I can’t help but cry right along with him.

I feel for these people home and away because they are giving up so much for each of us.

Their children sacrifice immensely, many of which not even meeting their Daddy until he is home again!

So, that is what this graphic is about. It is about children feeling at home regardless of where they live or how many times they move. It is about consistency in their schooling, in their types of homes and in the friends that they will make and likely move away from because mommy or daddy were told to pick up and move to where they are needed most.

Instead of doing this alone, on the fly like so many do, you have assistance available to help make each transition as easy as possible for both yourselves and your children. Everything from housing to finding the right school for your children’s ages and needs will be addressed.

Though I have never had to experience picking up and moving to another location or part of the country I can as a mother imagine how difficult this would be for a family and for that I am beyond grateful. Not only to those who are serving North America but to their hubby’s, wives, and the children who likely don’t understand anything yet except that their lives aren’t the same as all of their friends.

Military Tribute

I would like to put a YouTube video here that is very powerful and moving and gives honor to Military families, especially the emotions of the children.

{If I Wrote a Note to God- Rhema Marvanne}

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