Apr 282015

The bird woke me up this morning screaming mad. His reason? My mom was doing the taxes at the kitchen table, above our room which is NOT where she normally is during the day and it was ruining his schedule! After 2+ hours of him screaming she was done and then, you know what he did? He LAUGHED!!! Then, he had a nap. Because, after screeching for over two hours you get pretty tired.

I woke up and knew it was going to be a bad back day, the pain had already stretched like a belt too tight across my back, the swelling already setting in. Thanks to the bird alarm I was able to take some anti-inflammatories earlier than I normally would have. Which is a definite blessing on days like today.

I have the spring cleaning bug and that is HARD when your back is out of commission. Again though, it is a blessing at the same time. I am not taking out more than I can deal with at once. I am doing things in small spots and am not feeling as overwhelmed and I am being a lot more ruthless with what I decide to keep and toss, because what I decide to keep will need to be maintained and find a home and with a sore back am I really in the mood for any of that?

During this adventure of cleaning I have come to realize one thing. I am allergic to my dead Grandma. Yep, you heard me right. I am allergic to my dead Grandma. Every time I touch her things the smell of cigarette smoke makes my eyes water and my nose burn and I begin to sneeze. So, knowing now that her things that have been stashed in corners with me unwilling to let go has become easier because not only is her stuff that is relatively useless (like two dozen cans of buttons) to me, it is affecting how I use my space AND my health! Sorry Grandma, I am tossing your treasures and keeping only what I really love. It has been 12 years since you passed away and the smoke still bugs me. It is time to let those things go and keep the memories in my heart.

I also decided to toss my toaster and all my canisters from my kitchen, because I have lived with my parents now for a couple of years and I haven’t used those things and don’t have a kitchen of my own to use them in, and well, let’s face it – toast crumbs from several years ago probably aren’t good for anything other than attracting bugs. Goodbye toaster!! I am keeping my blender though, it was brand new. I am also keeping my microwave. Maybe I will set it up and make myself some popcorn when this is all done!

The point though? I am reclaiming my space because I have lived with boxes piled high for far too long full of things I likely never even missed (though, I did find a bag of clothes that I couldn’t find). I deserve to have a happy, clean space that reflects me, that is easy to keep clean, that doesn’t bother my allergies. A place to sew and do puzzles and read and blog and write and
scrapbook without having to worry about an avalanche of miscellaneous falling on my head.

As I have been purging I have been reminding myself that these things are junk and that if/when I need them that GOD WILL PROVIDE,
because God is awesome like that!!

When I am done this drastic clean up the plan is to actually FINISH the dry wall and paint, because I have had my living room set up now for about 2 years and have NEVER sat in it and it is cozy and comfy but the walls aren’t painted so it feels dark and dingy and I deserve better!

How is God speaking in your life right now? Is it on your heart that you deserve more? That God wants you to enjoy the life you have? Are you waking up for your day or to you day? I want to wake up FOR my day and enjoy every moment of it!!

Registration for Hello Mornings is open this week and my group, Invisible Illness – Perfectly Created for His Glory is open to new people! If you suffer from an illness or are a caregiver then come join me as we travel through the life of Joseph during the six week study starting next week! Taking your life back starts with giving to God, because, whatever we give, he has promised we will get back in return. If you don’t have an illness but would still love to join in feel free or find a different group on the Hello Mornings website! Remember registration is only open this week for the next study!! Hope to see some familiar faces!

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  6 Responses to “I Deserve Better!”

  1. Praying for you, Marisa! Sorting through things that hold memories can be so exhausting – but you are right – you deserve to make a space that invites you in and is full of life and love and comfort! Letting go of some of those ‘things’ so often help us to move forward in more ways than one! They clear up more than just actual space! (So what color are you thinking for your living room? I tend to get the paint all the things bug every Spring… but not the clean all the things bug!) 😉

    • Thanks Karrilee! It really is a bittersweet thing to be purging things but I am finally “ready”. As far as paint colors go I am all over the map!!! I am in the basement so it is dark and I am tempted to go with a BRIGHT white on the main wall and then a bold bright color on the long wall. It is so hard to choose when lighting is so bad. I definitely need a color that has that “lit from within” feel to it!! I have a bunch of antique mirrors to hang once it is done to help reflect the lights i have. I am also considering switching my bedroom to the living room since my bedroom has the best lighting in the basement but we will see!! For now it’s about getting to a place that whatever I decide is easy to get done!!

  2. God will provide – everything we need and sometimes in ways we never imagined. Amen.

    • Yes Kristen, so very true!!! And after some more cleaning yesterday and fighting some stuff ruined from when we had mice a couple years ago I realized that it is even more important for me to unpack, purge what simply isn’t needed or safe and just trust that He will ensure I have all that I need 🙂

  3. Marisa, your post inspires me to go vacuum! I do hope you achieve these goals and soon you will be enjoying a cuppa in your bright, new living room. xo We are neighbors at Kristin’s today – I hope you got my #FMF mail!

    • I have been vacuuming in my bedroom daily and for the first two days i filled the canister both times and my carpet looked and felt clean!!!! AMAZING how much dust and dirt gets deep down!! It’s gross!! My allergies have been a lot better though the last few days and I haven’t needed a single allergy med! WOOHOO!!

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