Jan 072015

The cold penetrates deep into my achy-bones and I try not to cry.

That wicked wind blows, a white out in the night sky, the moon-full the ground majestic glitter and through the pain I think “once again He paints the sky just for me” and for a moment the evil that rattles in my vessel folds as the magic truth rushes into the soul-holes and steals away my steely hard breath and finally I breathe for the first time in a long time – holding it, refusing to let go, not wanting the world to rush back in.

Feet grow cold on the cement and I am grounded in place, minus 40 winds scraping the rough off my face.


The pain runs back in and a hushed whisper escapes my lips “and He bore all sin” my eyes reaching up to the stars and beyond knowing He is right here with me and without a word I speak my gracious praise, another line in the journal, another image etched into my soul that has no phrase, the healing salve He caresses into my wounds – Love.

It begins and ends with Love.

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  4 Responses to “I Looked Up”

  1. This thought, that he paints the sky for you, and it fills up the soul-holes.. it is a grace that heals and consumes in the name of Love. It is glorious and it is all-encompassing and I am so glad that you can see the beauty he etched out for you to see when you watched the light traverse the sky and breathed deep of the cold healing air that reminds you that you are watched and loved.

    • Thanks for stopping by Dawn! I am fairly sure I wrote the entire post in my head while I was waiting by the door for the dogs to come in, staring up at the white out sky with a nearly full moon dangling down almost as if I could touch it. I love the sky at night, it is one of the only things that can make you feel so small and so big all at once. I look at it and I see so little of what He has created and I am reminded how special each and every one of us is because He created us too!

  2. I like the contrast of cold with love here. Good stuff. I’m glad you linked up for #ThreeWordWednesday.

    • Thanks Kristin! I literally had these words in my head as I stood in the cold-blowing moonlit sky waiting for the dogs in the 40 below. God really is everywhere, no matter how harsh the world around seems, His beauty is there just waiting for eyes to open and see!

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