In Between

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Jun 292013

Five Minute Friday

In between my thoughts about the Lord, about how blessed I am to have these children and this life and the ability to stay home and enjoy my family and the beautiful changing of the seasons, I am often mentally pulled away wondering about my babies in Heaven, I am pulled from the sanctity of my home into those moments of loss and I am overwhelmed by sadness and I pray.

I pray for my babies in the Lords arms, knowing they are saved and were created for a reason helps, knowing that the short weeks I had them has impacted my life all of this time and that they will be on this earth as long as I am, as long as I talk about them and teach my family about their siblings who were born into the hands of the Lord instead of my own they will exist on this earth, in spirit, in memory. They may not be eternal for this world but they have eternal life with my God, my Saviour and eventually me when I am granted access to those pearly gates and I too am greeted by The Most High.Our Family

In between loads of laundry, meals that keep someone in the kitchen seemingly all the time either cooking or cleaning so we can cook again, there is so much beauty to absorb. The sounds of the birds singing their praises, the Robins happily hopping about the freshly cut grass that grandpa seems to cut nearly every day and the dogs running around in the yard playing, often growling, to make their presence known to one another. After all that fire wood isn’t just for bon fires, it’s for chewing and the pile most definitely isn’t supposed to be stacked, strewn throughout the driveway and grass is seemingly a much better look according to our four legged friends.

bon fire marshmallows

I don’t think that “in between” truly exists. Maybe we do have moments of in between, like in between visits with family or friends, but life is every day, praise is ongoing. Prayer is something we must strive to live IN and being stewards of God is always necessary so that our cups can truly overflow.

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  2 Responses to “In Between”

  1. A beautiful tribute to your children. Praise God that he holds them securely in His hands! Blessings to you today!

  2. This is beautiful.

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