Oct 092014

I think most of us want to fit in and be a part of something, but if you are like me, which chances are you are, you like to be independent and able to freely think and write and create, part of this silent blogging niche where you know you are heard and that your thoughts and life aren’t in vain but nothing needs to be said either. It’s a general acceptance and not a club you need to join.

Years ago people were defined by what they do, so much so that last names were often a result of the persons work.

Fortunately now I can be a mom, a Christian, a leader, a follower a writer, pet lover, photographer and whatever else I happen to do without being stuck to one thing. Being myself while also being all of those things. I am not an actress who is so known for her work in one genre that she struggles to get parts in others. I am free to join groups and clubs and experience love and to spread love in anyway that I possibly can, which happens to be through the love of my Lord and Saviour, who gave up his LIFE so that I could live!

I joined this group, it’s called being a Christian. I prayed God into my heart and accepted Jesus as my Saviour. I get the opportunity to meet with others who are a part of this group every single day. I get to write about this group. The fee to join, already paid by God Himself! How cool is that?

So I am not typecast or stereotyped or forced to fit into a mould of any sort.

By His grace I am His child and no one can kick me out of the club!

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