Feb 242015

The cold outside seems to be moving into the house and is causing my bones to ache and my body to shiver. The indoor thermometer reads all of 58 and I wonder what the outside one must say. I think much of North America is dealing with temperature extremes right now and it is soooo easy to complain and can be so hard to give God the glory and praise when
everything seems to icy-bleak, a stark contrast to Gods loving warmth.

I am thankful though. Thankful that I have the ability to feel the cold because the nerves in my body are working right, thankful to look outside and see the sea of snow covering fields and trees and marshes alike, blanketing them in a glow from within that can only come from God.

Thankful that under all these feet of snow there are plants and grasses waiting for the melt so they can spring to life, reach up high stretching towards the heavens thanking Him for the nutrients, the water, the soil.

You see, everything gives God glory and praise; and everyone should give it just as freely as the earth.

A Psalm of Praise

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.
Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.
~Psalm 100~

The good always flows, it always comes into our lives as surely as the moon moves the oceans waters. It saddens me when people I love don’t see the good in their life, the God in their life, the good news that can only be described as a miracle, a God-given grace, a second chance. I feel like grabbing them, shaking them and begging them to take off the blinders so they can see because counting your blessings and those small things makes the big picture seem glaringly bright, like an ad in Times Square glowing huge in the night.


A one liner that would turn heads, make people think and think again. Maybe for a second the rat-race would slow and they would look at their lives before picking up the pace again. Planting a seed that would grow to give praise.

I am praying and praying hard that the hearts of those who are scared of God, don’t know God or are blind to God will open up and find Him in all his glory. That they will hold him high and be happy in His loving embrace and the song on my lips sings “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of power and might…” and my soul sings AMEN.

I need to finish things I start, trust that everything is possible with god Mark 10:27 and live an “Amen” life.

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  14 Responses to “Living An Amen Life”

  1. I love the phrase “Living an amen life.” God has been teaching me about choosing joy this year, so what you said encourages me in that. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

    • Thanks for always stopping by Kristin! It is encouraging to have familiar faces popping over to see what I am thinking/saying. I am working this year on “finish”ing what I start, especially when it comes to Bible studies, prayers and devotions. I know I need more God and the only way to give Him glory and praise is to do my best to live “an amen life” 😀

  2. Marisa, I love your one liner. It is something that sounds so easy yet can stall us at the ‘all things’ part. Can God really mean that? Yes, He does, and it does our souls good to put it into practice. I needed this reminder today as discouragement sits heavy after more health challenges this last 2 months than usual. Giving thanks, giving praise and being grateful are ways to remind ourselves how good God is and how much He has already blessed us in Christ. Thank you! Blessings. 🙂

    • Joy, i am happy that my words spoke to you today. I co-lead a Hello Mornings group called Invisible Illness- Perfectly Created for His Glory, perhaps you would find some understanding by joining us? Registration is open right now for a March 9th start day on the book of Psalms! HelloMornings.org

      • Marisa, it is very kind of you to suggest the Hello Mornings group to me. Thank you. It sounds interesting. However, mornings are definitely not my strong point since having M.E and chronic illness because I sleep so poorly and am often resting in bed then. And I am currently needing to pull back from group interactions for a while as I recover more fully from the flu. Also, I think our time zones may be very different as I’m from the UK. Sadly, I think I’ll have to decline this time. Sorry. 🙁 Maybe there’ll be other opportunities later on? 🙂

        • No problem Joy! Just so you know though, our group is considered a “special interest” group so we are not time zone exclusive. I also struggle with sleeping at night and my morning is often the afternoon. For me it is less about what time I wake up, it is about what I do when I wake up 🙂 We run 6 week sessions every 8 weeks or so which means you will have many chances to join us, if it is something God places on your heart, at another time. Please know I am praying you feel better soon!

  3. Me, I want to live an amen life.

  4. Good word! A thankful life is so important, it’s a life changing choice of obedience when we choose to be grateful!

    • It is amazing how easy the obedience can be once we get into the habit of it! Giving thanks in all things, in all situations is an amazing place to start. When you are thankful it is hard to feel negatively! God is so good!!!

  5. This time of year it can be hard to live an amen kind of life, but we must. There is always so much to be thankful for!

    • It certainly can be difficult with bitter cold days filled with mountains of snow, but I like to think that we have a nice reprieve from bugs, snakes and it being too hot to sleep. There is always an AMEN to everything if we look hard enough 🙂

  6. “You see, everything gives God glory and praise; and everyone should give it just as freely as the earth.” I love this Marisa! Visiting from #RaRaLinkup

    • Thanks for visiting Katy!! I am happy you found something in my writing that spoke to you! God bless you and yours this week!!

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