Dec 312013

Being His Child is Enough!

This was my response to what Lisa-jo Baker had to say today and I elaborated on my comment.

It seems like we can never be enough because we want so desperately to give our children everything and yet we know deep down within our souls that the only thing, the only One who is good enough is our Lord, Saviour, Father, the King of Kings and though we will never be perfect like He is, we are created in His image, His likeness and that has to account for something!

So while we may not have all of the gaps filled we must remind ourselves that we. are. good. enough. because God didn’t create us to be only partly good, when He looked down upon the Earth “He saw that it was good” he didn’t say “well I guess this will do” instead
“He saw that it was good” and we are a part of His divine creation!

He has known you since that moment. That moment in those 6 days of creation where He created EACH AND EVERYONE OF US! What a profound thought! To think that you and I and our children and the children we may never even have met yet were all created at the same time by God and in HIS image! My soul is the same exact age as every soul and He said that His creation was GOOD!

That includes me!

I am GOOD. I am ENOUGH. God doesn’t make mistakes today and He didn’t make them during those days of creation!

Instead of worrying about whether or not I am enough or if I have done enough my focus needs to be on God, my creator, THE creator of ALL things and I need to focus on LIVING the Word, His Word. I need to have His Word singing in my heart and those same Words spilling from my tongue. I need to have a living relationship with Him and I need to listen for Him to speak to me because while He created everything including you and I in those six days he is still a living God who answers prayers, mends hearts and gives the best hugs like no other parent can.

I may not be perfect to my standards but I have to let that go. I have to say that God created me and He is working in me so that I can fulfill my role as His daughter,  fulfill the role that He created for me and so long as I listen for Him in my heart, in my head and I pray to Him and I wait I will be doing my job as a woman of Christ, a woman who fulfills her holy role as a mother, daughter, teacher, friend, partner.

All of the riches He has for me are written right there in the Bible. You can live the riches of Proverbs today while here in this earthly realm. You don’t have to wait until you enter Heaven to be blessed. He WANTS us to be blessed today and tomorrow and every. single. day. that we are alive. He has given us ETERNAL LIFE so that these things can be achieved and kept forever!

Eternal Life
The ULTIMATE gift!

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