May 022014

Mess – The REAL God

Five Minute Friday

I am linking up again this week on author Lisa Jo Baker’s website where a large group of us come together, have a Thursday night Twitter party using the hashtag FMFParty and enjoy the company and fellowship that comes from a group of beautiful, God driven women. Hop on over to Lisa Jo’s blog and read some of the amazing posts and perhaps create your own? You have all week!

Don’t forget to check out Lisa Jo’s awesome book that I linked to at the bottom of this post. You won’t regret it!


I pick up the floor and I clean and part of me just wants to scream I shouldn’t have to do this alone that the kids should get off their high thrones but it’s just not worth it to get mad, the chaos that I live in that surrounds, it isn’t just toys and junk and trash on the floor it is the pain and suffering of a mess grown long before.

While I can declutter the items out of my life to make the mundane more easy, I am stuck with the past dragging me down, smothering me, making me dizzy.

I am the mess and the mess is me. I don’t try to hide it because my Father God can already see. You can’t shove things under a bed and pretend it is fine when you have this Father God gazing down giving you nowhere to hide.

The mess that is my present started a life time ago in a time that I thought His presence was the truth I was obeying but the devil can dress like a sheep and I was young, dumb, naive and deceived, brainwashed by a wolf wearing a sheep’s virgin wool the Word was turned and twisted and flipped around until I couldn’t decipher between the sky and the ground.

Nine years since I escaped nearly dying in His holy name and I have found this Father God who just isn’t the same. This God who loves me unconditionally. Who cleans up the mess and tucks me in at night. Who waits for me in the morning light. My saviour, my God, my Friend protecting me from a lifetime lived oh so long ago, a mess that I pray no one else will ever know.

humming bird{Always reminded how much I am loved through the beauty in the mess that comes straight from God}

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  2 Responses to “Mess – A Five Minute Friday Post”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and can relate to much of it. Keep resting in God for it is He Who has already taken our messiness and, even now, is using it for His glory. God bless you, Sweet Sister!

    Visiting from FMF, ~Rebecca

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