May 202014

Deciding to be a Stay Home Mom

As a Mom, your reasons to stay at home are likely a lot like mine which include:

Childhood only comes once

• You want to be involved in your child’s early development and experience the firsts. You don’t want to miss out on this special time
• Being home for your child is something you feel is very special and it weighs on your heart
• You miss your child while at work and don’t feel you are functioning at your best at work because you are focused on your children
• You have specific morals and values that you do not feel your child will be taught in daycare or from a nanny

You worry about childcare

• You feel guilty or uneasy about leaving your child in someone else’s hands
• The financial benefits of working give you so little “extra” after paying for childcare that it just isn’t worth the expense of commuting, parking, daycare, etc
• Daycares often have outbreaks of the flu, chicken pox and other illnesses and you find your child is sick too much or you find your family is sick a lot because of experiencing those other children

You are tired

• You feel like you are doing more than your fair share by working full time, only to come home and be a full time homemaker and parent – leaving you exhausted and feeling like you are only doing both of your jobs half way
• You are stressed and it is affecting you physically, mentally, spiritually
• You want more time for your family, for yourself (hobbies, girls night, time with hubby), friends, and being able to get everything done in a day that comes with running a home – you need more time

being a mom

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