May 182014

Workplace to Home Office

Combatting Loneliness and the Need for Adults

Here are a few quick tips for keeping your sanity while making the transition to working at home

  • Organize a regular lunch group with fellow work-from-home parents, either from your neighbourhood or in the same line of work, don’t forget about stay at home moms and dads who aren’t working!
  • Have lunch with your spouse, your child(ren) or your friends – this can be important and much anticipated bonding time for you to take with your children
  • Join adult groups that get you out of the house like toastmasters, professional development, even a class at the local college or an art class for adults – think outside the box. If you are Christian join some church groups and make these as important to your week as any other aspect. You can also volunteer at many places to get out and have interaction. Find what appeals to you
  • Use social media to “hang-out” with people who have a similar life path, you can encourage one another and enjoy the company without having to leave work or take a lot of extra time to form a relationship
  • Use your phone and call a friend and have a quick chat, I always call my mom and discuss the kids and beautiful daily mundane
  • Use your email to keep the important people in your life feeling important, don’t brush off their emails and if you haven’t written in awhile then jump right on in. Even if you only have time to say you are thinking of them – these things mean a lot and take almost no time
  • Recently I have started with a snail mail group, we mail an encouraging letter or card each week to the next person on the list – it’s been a fun way to express our creativity and get to know one another better, plus, snail mail looks nice on display
  • Have a couple of days set aside for errands so you are getting out once or twice a week to run work related errands (sending packages, buying supplies) and take your time to stop, talk and get to know the people who you deal with regularly

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