May 162014

The Mom-trepreneur – Part 2

Setting Up Your Home Office

Set up your office in an area where you can be aware of whats going on in your house especially if you have little ones at home but in a place that you can take calls and not be able to communicate because of a screaming or hyper child. Your clients expect you to be professional regardless of where you are working from.

A lot of people suggest setting up a home office that is strictly office and while I can say that this is a great idea as far as organization goes as well as making calls and the like, I personally am more productive where I am comfortable. Sometimes I work from bed, other times from the couch in the living room with a nice cup of coffee or tea. I keep my printer, my supplies, my files and everything together in my bedroom and I actually don’t have a “desk” since I have a laptop. If I need space to spread out the bed works fine or the dining room table. A wireless printer for me is a MUST. I also have a white board to put inspirational quotes and my goals on so I can see them regularly which, for me, is the best way for me to be motivated. I have had designated offices before and I never ended up using them, meaning I didn’t get work done.

If you home school you may find your school room and your school time a great time to do work yourself. Simply set your child up with their material and then set yourself up alongside them to work. That way you are not sitting there bored waiting for them to go through math questions on their own but you are available if they need further instruction.

Always use a calendar, and check it. I keep a calendar in hard-copy and on my computer. I will place clients names and information on the dates for things and fill in as much information as I can. The calendar on my computer is usually set to alarm me of important dates/times so I don’t miss something if I forgot to check my calendar that day.

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