May 152014

Working from Home – The Mom-trepreneur

Running a Home- Based Business

There are pros and cons to deciding to stay at home and be a work at home mom.

The Advantages

Some of the advantages are being able to stay home with your baby or child instead of having a nanny or daycare provider. In the later years you can even home school your child if you feel that’s best for your family. As a WAHM you are your own boss and depending on what you are doing that likely means you can set your own hours, making you flexible to bring your children to their activities AND being available to attend plays and tea parties and all those events at school! Probably the biggest perk aside from having an extra income is that you can still have a life outside of being “mom” without having to spend hours each day commuting. You are an entrepreneur and that gives you a reason to interact with adults!

The Drawbacks

The drawbacks include the time commitment, yes you would have the time commitment at a conventional job but you wouldn’t have a child or multiple children pulling you in other directions while you are working. Starting your own business takes a lot of work initially but for me it has been a wonderful pay off to spend long nights writing and engaging with people so that I can be home and be a mom, even now that my little ones are in school it is still nice to know if they are sick or we have a snow day that I don’t have to worry about finding a sitter or using up my sick days or holidays. Another drawback is you are responsible for your business, your effort will be the deciding factor on how much you make, and how well your business does. There is a lot to navigate through but with the internet and more and more people utilizing it as a way to supplement their income it isn’t that hard once you have a concrete plan on what you want to actually DO. Looking for work online often drags you to sites that are pyramid schemes, fly-by-night companies, or things that are NOT worth your time. I have made a little bit doing surveys but it took me hundreds of surveys before I found a survey company that actually allows me to accumulate money fast enough for it to be worth my time – the drawback, I don’t qualify for every survey so this is very sporadic money and though great for extra spending is by no means a way to actually have an income!

You need to manage work and home all from one place. This can be simple if you are diligent about your schedule and treat your work like you would any job, setting aside hours every day that are just for work. Of course this can be changed if a child falls ill or there is something else up but you don’t want to deviate from your schedule often because consistency is going to be the key to your success.


Tomorrow check out setting up your home office!


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